June 9 , 2020

6 Signs to Redesign Your Website

Redesign Website

A new website doesn’t automatically assure a rise in conversions, more whitepaper downloads, or a boost in revenue. There may be issues and you require to consider the effect on SEO if you are modifying the site’s design.

Even so, if you do analysis (i.e. research and testing), a website redesign will move your business ahead. We would like to share the reasons why we focused on this task and what we modified along the way, so you can ideally, save time on preparation and the possible frustration in the future.

There are various facts as to why you could need to redesign your website. Possibly your website visitors aren't converting, or the bounce rates are excessive. Possibly your website doesn't reflect your business targets and goals any longer, or more painful - it's not mobile-friendly.

Searching deep and realizing your reasoning and the requirements of your customer is important before you even consider calling web development agencies.

Listed below are reasons why a redesign should turn into a priority for your business's web presence and some unwanted effects you could face by not implementing action now. If any of these statements are genuine relating to your site, think about a redesign to recapture your visitors and stay relevant in the present large world of the internet.

1) High Bounce Rate

Your website has a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is the number of website visitors to a website who navigate out from the site after viewing just one web page. Visitors are leaving your website right after they come in. To you would be capable of finding out your bounce rate is by applying website analytics tools, like Google Analytics.

The average bounce rate for the majority of websites consists of 40-50%. Nevertheless, this differs across various industries. Your goal must be to have the minimum bounce rate possible. Low bounce rates signify that visitors pick your website to be useful. Hence, the reduced bounce rate you have, the more possibilities you have to boost sales. More efficient website design can reduce your bounce rate and boost your conversion rates.

2) Slow Loading Website

Your website is slow. As well as, the website loads slowly on specific devices or web browsers. Such as, your website may load slowly on Chrome, but loads properly on Firefox. You need to troubleshoot this, and if it is loading slow, you require to fix this.

Don't forget, you just have 3 seconds to create a positive impact on your website visitors. If those 3 seconds are being wasted attempting to load your website, you are in difficulty. Your website visitors are going to leave before your website even loads! Don’t overlook possibilities by utilizing an ineffective website.

3) Poor Search Engine Optimization

Possibly your website was developed employing a web template or the URLs are dynamic. A website redesign can help you increase your site structures so that it is a lot more SEO friendly. A website redesign can assist you to boost your coding and make your website overall more SEO friendly applying custom page URLs, H1, H2, H3 Tags, Page Titles, and Alt Tags by employing a more superior Content Management System that provides you greater versatility and makes optimizing your website simpler.

Additional basic on-page SEO signals to consider when examining your business's website include:

  • Unique meta descriptions
  • A single H1 tag on every web page consisting of the web page's title tag
  • Page URLs arranged using relevant keywords
  • Internal links with other webpages
  • Images optimized using a relevant file name and alt text feature

4) Fresh Content

Without having fresh content, your website will have difficulty to draw in and keep site visitors. Research carried out by HubSpot saw that businesses that built 16 new pages of content monthly drawn above three times the volume of traffic as businesses that built zero to four new webpages of content monthly.

Fresh content boosts your website's visibility in the search engine results, increases the overall quality of your website, and it compels website visitors to return. To have the advantage of these benefits, update your website by publishing three to four new webpages of high-quality content weekly.

5) Secured With HTTPS

The increase of online privacy breaches has led web users to pick and utilize websites more carefully than previously. If a website visitor doesn't feel your website is safe, they may leave to make sure that their personal information isn't stolen or leaked.

To make website visitors experience safe, your website needs to utilize the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). A type of protected network conversation protocol, HTTPS scrambles data sent to and from your website to stop unauthorized visitors from reading it. Applying HTTPS will also provide your website a safe and secure padlock icon when seen in the Chrome web browser while utilizing HTTP can lead to a "Not Secure" tag.

6) Mobile Responsive

In case your website is not mobile-friendly and a large percentage of your website visitors are received from a mobile device, you may be losing website visitors and suffering from an increased bounce rate than normal. This will undoubtedly affect you're the main thing since it will cost you valuable sales opportunities. An effective website redesign will deal with this issue that assists you to lower your bounce rate and boost conversions.

Do you find these types of reasons to redesign your website beneficial? It’s simple to get complacent once your website is working and it's giving you business, but it’s also essential to increase the possibilities you have. Great marketing signifies regular improvement so that you can boost sales, increase your return on investment, and minimizing your cost per acquisition.

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