November 28 , 2019

8 Most Awaited Tips To Reduce the Abandoned shopping carts

Abandoned shopping carts

You have created this beautiful website to increase your business, but now you are just getting upset because people are adding things on the carts but walk away while buying? Reduce abandoned shopping carts.

Unfortunately now a day this is happening a lot. It is called shopping cart abandonment and can cause due to a leak on your sales funnel if you don’t pay attention to it.

According to research, near about 75% of all online shopping websites facing this abandonment and the threat is increasing day by day. Fortunately, there are a few ways of reducing the Cart to keep the customers ended up from your site with a bulk purchase!

There are a few tips to get back the people on your website to complete the purchase they have left in their shopping cart!

These tricks will also be applicable if they are not associated with WordPress website development.

Offer Discounts On Shipping

One of the main things you can do to cut off the shopping cart abandonment is to reduce the shipping charge, or better, cut it off!

Most of the time people just dumped their favourite products after adding the cart, due to the shopping charges! Shipping can add a big extra expense to the purchase, which would naturally be out of their budget!

Free shipping or a discount on it will always make the customers buy more and keep less in the shopping cart! This is a vital place in Ecommerce website development and can easily get coded or use a plugin by the programmers.

Improve the Checkout Process

Remember, how many times you have tried to buy a product online but due to lengthy check out process you cursed the site and logged out!

Don’t let it happen to your website. Always keep the checkout process the shortest and minimal so people can buy before they can give much thought to it!

Remember in every, Ecommerce website development process, check out carts hold a very important role.

If possible enable guest checkout, so people can buy the product without the hassle to fill up the sign-up form and can buy in less time!

Keep the Cart In Sight

Mostly 25 per cent of people have saved their favourite items in the shopping cart to purchase later.

So if you want to make them come back to our site, keep popping up the shopping cart with abandoned items in it. Or else, it would be out of sight out of mind.

This could be as simple as a cart icon in the top corner of the site which would be expanded when you hover or click it. Most of the successful websites are using this trick to get traffic on their website.

Increase trust factors

To ensure your website is safe and secure, keep some security logos and certification badges on your websites.

The website should look clean, modern and professional site, with clear identification of the owner, and clear privacy policy,

shipping-return policy along with social proof of the stability of the business. Reviews also can do wonder most of the cases.

It will help the customer to purchase a product without any hesitation.

Multiple Payment Options Should Be There

In most of the cases, people don’t want to use their debit or credit cards, but they can use some E-wallets which are the increasing trends in terms of online payment.

So always keep in mind that your website should have a lot of payments options, so through them, international purchases also could be done!

Go through the payment portals and read their terms and conditions very carefully before applying them. These various options of payments methods will decrease a huge amount of shopping cart abandonment in your site.

Send an Email Reminder

Even if you do all the things listed above there are still chances when people can abandon their shopping carts!

Why don’t you make them remember that! Maybe they got an important call in the middle of the purchase or an important work appeared!

Just sent a push Email on their email Id by saying what they have left n their shopping cart! That will make them remember about the left away purchase, and they will get back to your site!

Exit Popup Can Do wonders!

When the customer left their shopping in the midway it doesn’t mean they no longer need that thing.

What they just need is a little nudge from you! Maybe they are looking for other products or varying other websites!

So with the help of WordPress website development, you can set up a Popup when they are about to close their shopping window.

Though this is a pro feature, this will help you to reduce the shopping cart abandonment.

A Customer-friendly Website

Keep your website hassle-free and easy to use. Make it look clean and simple, so people can find the right in less time.

Give the Ecommerce website development a fresh and clean design, with clean navigation, easy sign-in process and checkout button –always on view.

Use a high-quality photo for your website with a proper and real description of the product. Remember only an honest product will get the best result.

Keep your site different device friendly especially mobile-friendly, and if possible launch an app too! This trick will help to reduce the shopping cart abandonment in your site.

Remember while running an eCommerce website, it’s not just your work to attract customers to add their favourite items in the carts! But what should be your lookout is- how all the items listed in the cart, can get sold out! How people will visit more on your website, and buy things- not just keeping the item in the carts should be your priority.

Keep things in mind- a real and honest product, coupon codes, discounts and free shipping charges along with a friendly email reminder, beautiful newsletters with latest and upcoming offers can decrease in the shopping cart abandonment.


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