March 16 , 2022

Top five best payment gateway for your eCommerce sites

best payment gateway for eCommerce site

A fully functioning eCommerce website must accept payments from customers. The success of your business depends on getting paid.

Your payment gateway is a must, no matter if your eCommerce platform is already in place or you are just starting one. There are many payment options online, and this guide will help you find the best payment gateway for your eCommerce site.

What is the Role of a Payment Gateway for an eCommerce Website?

An online payment gateway has the primary Role of approving transactions between merchants and customers. It authorizes transactions between businesses and customers and plays an important role in online transactions.

It makes it possible for eCommerce platforms to grow their existence by making it easier to accept payments from customers. That makes it easy for eCommerce platforms to build trust and facilitate quick and secure payment and ease and success every time.

You can either provide the payment gateway service directly by banks or through a payment gateway service provider authorized by a bank.

How a Payment Gateway Works for an eCommerce Website

When a customer makes a payment for goods or services, encrypted payment details are sent via the gateway to the payment processor. All data sent to the gateway are encrypted, and the transaction is approved or declined.

The payment processor then transmits the authorization or declines to the payment gateway. The gateway sends the approval or descents back to the person who initiated the transaction, either the merchant or the customer.

If the transaction is approved, funds will be deducted from the customer account and transferred into the merchant account. Merchants have the choice to upload transactions in one-to-one or batches.

Standards for Choosing the best payment gateway for an eCommerce website

Let's assume you have just launched your eCommerce store and are looking for a payment gateway. Here are the requirements you must follow:

  • You should choose a payment method that is widely used in the country where your products are being sold.
  • Make sure the online payment gateway has a low transaction charge.
  • Verify that it works with your eCommerce platform. Most eCommerce payment portals don't prefer Dropshippers because they have higher refund rates.
  • Once you have plans to expand internationally, make sure you check whether you can use this payment gateway.
  • You should ensure that the customer has a great shopping experience.

Top 5 best payment gateways for an eCommerce website

The market is booming with Payment Gateway providers. Depending on how many transactions your portal anticipates, these can be integrated with your website for a minimal service fee or fixed monthly fees. Here we will get a list of the top five best payment gateways to eCommerce sites, and you can choose which one suits your business best.


PayPal was established in 2002 and is currently the most widely used payment gateway in the US. It can accept international and multi-currency payments. Many businesses choose PayPal for its brand recognition, security, and simple setup.

Despite being the most expensive gateway service, PayPal is popular as the best payment gateway for eCommerce sites among small companies and startups. PayPal has many key features.

It is available in 203 different countries, and there are no monthly fees. PayPal has an anti-fraud team that is believed to have frozen numerous suspicious accounts based on their transaction evaluations.


Stripe is the best payment gateway for an eCommerce site like PayPal. Stripe is a formidable competitor and will be catching up with PayPal soon. Stripe was established in 2010 and has been valued at $20 Billion.

Stripe allows you to try the service for some time and then make delayed payments. There are no fees for refunds, and it is easy to integrate and maintain by web developers.

Stripe, unlike PayPal, allows customers to remain on-site while making payments, and they are not re-directed directly to payment websites.

Stripe is compatible with almost all payment methods, and it also accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Stripe is currently in 21 countries.

Amazon Pay

With its huge brand name backing it as the best payment gateway for an eCommerce site, Amazon Pay quickly becomes the top choice for Small and Medium Enterprises when it comes to hosting payment gateways.

Amazon pay merchant accounts give you access to a sophisticated service that protects against fraud. This service is not available in Germany, the UK, or the US. That allows customers to shop online and improve their shopping experience.

It is an easy API-driven platform and provides multiple solution provider platforms with free plugins.


Businesses with a brick-and-mortar location should consider Square. They combine software, hardware provisioning, and payments to make it easy to sell online or on-site.

Virtual terminal, which allows you to accept payments from any device (desktop phone, tablet, smartphone), is Square's main focus.

It targets businesses that do not have an online store but still need to accept payments on location using handy devices.

Square stores the user's payment information at the point-of-sale and integrates with Credit Card payment gateways to process the transactions.


SecurePay was founded to offer online shopping carts. Later, it expanded into mobile and other forms of payment.

SMBs and startups can use SecurePay as an affordable solution. They offer all kinds of payment options and are easy to register and integrate with existing shopping carts.

SecurePay offers an unlimited trial and plans for online eCommerce payments. These plans are priced based on the volume of transactions each month, and it is also possible for heavy transactions.


An essential component of any eCommerce website is a payment gateway. It can be challenging to find the best payment gateway for an eCommerce site, and you can test different payment gateways before choosing the most effective one.

Start your business by using popular eCommerce payment portals such as Stripe, SecurePay, and Paypal. That will reduce the possibility of losing customers to your eCommerce website.

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