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Domain names are provided by 3 companies. BigRock, NameCheap, and GoDaddy.

To look and get the right domain for yourself, you need to go to these websites. is a good example of a site to get a domain name.

Here are some guidelines for choosing Your domain name:

1. Domain Names should be short: Having a small domain name makes it easier for people to remember your domain name and you can easily tell them the title.
2. Don’t put digits in domain names: People tend to forget if the digits are written in texts or numbers from so you should try avoiding digits in a domain name.
3. DotCom is more preferred: Domain providers are segregated by countries such as .in for India, .au for Australia. These are useful if you want to target one country only.
For general purposes, you should use a .com domain
4. Finding a domain related to the industry you are in: if you buy a domain name with a name different from your industry, then it will sound absurd and is a very bad idea for your business.

After buying a domain, comes the role of hosting


Since the data of a blog it’s very important, you need to be very careful in choosing about hosting.

I recommend the use of A2 Hosting.

The plans A2 hosting have are?

Before you buy a hosting plan, you need to keep this thing In mind.

1. The constraint of space: service should provide you unlimited hosting space.
2. Domain names provided for are unlimited: LITE Plan of A2 hosting lets you make one website. So you should go for the SWIFT Plan of A2 Hosting. It lets you created as many sisters that you want.
3. The service provides 24*7 support: The company provides support 24*7. You will find instant assistance if you run into any problems.
4. Limit of Bandwidth: The number of visitors that your website will handle is the bandwidth.
5. Managing is easy: admin dashboards help you manage to host.
Using hosting with cPanel is recommended.
How to buy a hosting plan for A2 Hosting.

1. Click here to start a discount off your hosting plans.
        2. Press the GET Started button.
        3. Click on the GET SWIFT button. The SWIFT plan enables you to host an infinite number of sites.
        4. You have to just choose the option “ I will use my existing domain and update my name servers” if you already have a domain.
5. Choose a 12-month plan.
6. You have to add personal information such as your personal and credit card information.

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