April 25 , 2022

Top 9 Most Common Website Problems and Their Solutions

common website problems and solutions

You've invested many hours and money in developing and launching your website; however, you're seeing low conversion rates, and there are no leads? Read this article to learn more about the issue. The report outlines the most common website problems on the site and suggests ways to deal with these issues. Let's go!

Slow Loading Time

That is among the most common website problems that can negatively impact a site's well-being. If the loading time exceeds 3 seconds, the bounce rate could rise. If there is a high bounce rate, the search engine will conclude that users find the website unusable. That is, in turn, an immediate negative effect on the rank.

The search engine won't give your site a high ranking. In some cases, Google might even place an administrative penalty on your website when there is evidence of poor user experiences, such as slow page loading speeds. It is possible to use various speed-testing instruments (e.g., Page Speed Insights or Test My Site) to ensure that Google will believe that your website is quick and will give it a better ranking.

The speed at which pages load is not only a factor in how visitors interact with the site, and it also has an important impact on conversion rates and shopping carts. People don't like waiting, and if the site is running slow, they'll quit and shop at a faster, better platform.

Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind that page speed is essential for users of tablets and smartphones. They are likely to visit websites when they're travelling or on vacation and want to obtain the necessary information in the shortest time possible—the proportion of tablet and smartphone users in the primary traffic flow increases. Mobile devices contributed to 50.8% of the world's internet traffic in the third quarter of 2020, as per Statista. If you're looking to enhance the experience of mobile users, your website needs to perform faster than it has ever.

Solutions to this website problem?

As stated above, You can make use of speed-testing tools to assist you in understanding the reason your website is having problems with speed. The pain is caused by too large images or plugins that are too numerous and a large number of HTTP requests, and many more. These steps can aid in improving the speed of loading your website:

  • Reduce the size of the HTML code;
  • Optimize images;
  • Make use of web-based types (e.g., WebP and JPEG-XR);
  • Deactivate any unnecessary plugins;
  • Configure client caching for clients;
  • Use the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Lack of Mobile Optimization

We've talked about people who use mobile devices and let us talk about a different common website problem - inadequate mobile optimization. Your website must not only speed up loading but should also be mobile-friendly. That isn't only a requirement of mobile users, and that is a demand from the company that runs the site. At the minimum, Google considers mobile optimization an essential ranking factor. In 2015, it stated clearly that it would impose sanctions on websites not optimized for mobile-friendly content.

It is also essential to know that, at present, the search engine is primarily indexing a mobile-friendly version of the site. Based on this, it determines the rank of the website's resource in results. You can see that contemporary websites should be mobile-friendly to achieve excellent conversion rates and rankings. It is possible to offer unique products and services, but users on mobile devices won't get the chance to browse them as they'll quit the site. Google discovered that 40% of people prefer competitors' sites when it is a well-designed mobile version, whereas the proprietor of the non-tailored platform is likely to fall short.

Solutions to this website problem?

The solution is simple to make your website optimized to be mobile-friendly, and that will help you draw in new visitors and prospective customers. To make your website mobile-friendly, try the following strategies:

Elastic layout lets you place the elements of your current version of your desktop website into blocks. The blocks may be stretched or shrunk or appear higher or lower in the display based on the screen resolution. That means that the functionality of websites is fully transferred to mobile devices.

The adaptive layout lets you create designs that can be used on different resolutions of screens and models of devices. Compared to an elastic structure, it offers more options for web personalizing to improve the user experience when using a mobile device. It also allows for further testing of the A/B capabilities on the mobile versions.

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) technology lets you increase the speed of loading your website for mobile phones. Since Google created the framework, the website will likely be ranked very high by the search engine site.

Bad Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your site to be search engine friendly can significantly increase sales and bring in new customers since 53% of traffic on the internet is organic. The higher the ranking of your site's pages of results for the search, the more significant number of people are likely to visit it. Without SEO promotion, even the best site will not be able to function. If search engines can't recognize the contents, their existence is insignificant.

The HubSpot research has shown that 75% of users do not go past the initial page in results. And instead, they select the top 10 websites that fulfil their needs. So, if your site isn't SEO-friendly, you will lose many visitors.

Customers aren't responding to traditional methods of advertising. BlogStar.co.uk found that print ads and direct mail account for a 1.7% growth in sales, and SEO shows an astounding 14.6%. Your company must devise and implement an effective SEO strategy to ensure high positions and win customers' loyalty.

Solutions to this website problem?

Please find the best SEO tools, pick them, and apply them gradually.

Low-Quality Content

Poor content is among the most common website problems for websites. Videos, articles, infographics, and other information posted on your website must be informative and beneficial to visitors. 38% of people abandon the site when the content or layout is not appealing. The content is intended to provide answers to all users' questions and provides comprehensive details. If your platform meets the requirements above, it will be prominent and easily visible to prospective customers.

Check out the indicators of poor content:

  • Older content that is not relevant to your business or reality
  • Non-unique content that has been completed or in part copied from other sites and resources. Make use of special software to verify and verify the content you upload is original;
  • Images and articles of low quality that are not of any value to the viewers, as well as
  • Over-optimized or poorly optimized content is over-saturated with keywords or has nothing in common with SEO.

Solutions to this website problem?

Our suggestion is straightforward -create high-quality and valuable information on your site to ensure that users have a good experience, boost your ranking, increase conversion rates, draw more customers in, and make your site visible and well-known.

Weak Landing Pages

Landing pages are among the most critical components of any website. They are designed to advertise your website and motivate users to complete specific actions. For instance, you would like your customers to sign up for your services, sign up with a personal account, buy products, etc.

If the landing page is filled with an abundance of insignificant information, your bounce rate will increase as users will not be able to find the information they're looking for on the site. In addition, search engines won't let you advertise your website because of inaccurate information. Your landing pages must be optimized to meet SEO and the requirements of your users.

Solutions to this website problem?

Utilize Google Analytics to find a poor landing page. Then, take steps to make it better:

  • Be aware of your intended audience when developing the general idea and choosing images. If you don't meet the expectations of your clients can affect the conversion rate for your website's landing pages.
  • Consider your competitors' websites. If you look them up, they will allow you to identify their strengths and disadvantages, such as finding ideas for how to differentiate yourself from your competitor's source.
  • Make a straightforward website design. Users should be able to recognize that he's in the right spot immediately.
  • Make sure that your visitors have enough details. Your landing page must be informative but not too stuffed with information. Unimportant content could lead to poor conversion rates because users seek a comprehensive report and not be overwhelmed by a sea of information.

Lack of Call to Action Buttons

For visitors to be charged up to take action that you want them to take, you must not just have excellent content but additionally calls to Action buttons. Without these components, visitors will not know what to do when they arrive on the page. The call to Action button will tell the user what they should do, such as signing up to an email list or downloading a file, registering for a discount coupon, downloading a trial edition of the software or other software, etc.

It is helpful If you use triggers, such as images or arrows that indicate to the user how to proceed. If you don't inform your visitors what steps to take or the best way to contact them, they'll shut the tab and go to your website. Don't let your customers pay your rivals.

Solutions to this website problem?

It's simple, make effective and powerful Call to Action buttons. Many companies put in the "sign up" call to action button and believe that it's enough to boost conversion rates. They're making a big mistake. It is essential to give a powerful message to convince visitors to act:

  • Tell someone what they should do tell someone what they should do
  • Please give them a significant boost to accomplish this.

Outdated Website Design and Technology

It is essential to improve and improve your platform constantly. The trends in web design are changing so frequently nowadays that even the latest tool becomes outdated in only 2 or 3 years. Naturally, it is less appealing to users. Because the site is one of the primary business tools, the fluctuation of visitors could lead to massive loss.

The first impressions last the longest. The design of your website is similar to the appearance of the person, and users only need 0.05 seconds to decide on the website's content. If they view an outdated or sloppy style, they may conclude that your business doesn't provide modern, professional products or services. If your company makes light of its reputation, it's not going to be able to take the needs of customers and their needs seriously. Salesforce discovered that 66% of consumers believe that brands should anticipate their requirements and needs.

The second issue to consider is the technology accountable for your site. If you're still using Flash is the primary sign that you're running an outdated area. The majority of browsers block these resources, whereas the latest iOS and Android devices do not support this technology. Flash can be replaced with HTML5, which has the same capabilities and is fully supported by all browsers and devices.

Additionally, implementing advanced technology offers a myriad of business opportunities. It allows you to enhance the appearance of your services and products on your website, make it easier for the process of selling and paying, and make it easier for buyers to locate the item they require.

Solutions to this website problem?

Modern web design can establish credibility with visitors. You must be aware of current developments in technology and innovation. For instance, the minimalist style is the current trend in web design. People want to locate the needed information as fast as possible, and they don't wish to lose in a sea of irrelevant decoration. Customers will appreciate high-resolution images, advanced vector graphics, and unique combinations of colours.

For technology, we suggest you keep track of the latest website development trends and follow them following your capabilities and demands. For instance, chatbots are becoming more popular as consumers demand 24/7 assistance across all sectors, from banking to health. About 40% of customers prefer to use live chat to obtain the necessary information or order a service or purchase.

Additionally, your website should meet security standards. Utilizing SSL and HTTPS protocols enhances your security on your site and safeguard your visitors' private information. It is not a good idea to be one of the 30k websites targeted every day.

So, What Common Website Problems Should You Avoid?

If you wish for your website to attract buyers and make money ensure that your website is free of these problems.

The solutions to these common website problems will help you enhance the user experience, draw new customers, and keep your customers satisfied. Your site should include the following features to appear on the first page.

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