April 22 , 2022

Top 9 Best Practices for High Converting CTA Buttons on Your Website

best practices for CTA buttons

High converting CTA buttons best practices could seem like a minor element in your marketing plan; however, optimizing them could significantly influence your website's conversion rate.

Call-to-action buttons do little of the "heavy lifting" when maintaining or converting your leads. They don't need to do that; your marketing funnel has many other methods explicitly designed to serve this purpose. However, this doesn't mean CTAs aren't a crucial function in the conversion process.

It's the responsibility of any good UX designer to make sure that websites get the best out of each or their graphic assets. Those who are skilled know that putting a little more thought into the CTA button best practices like colour, label or position will make it easier for conversion.

They also know that the slightest increase in their website's conversion rate has significant long-term benefits for their business.

Top 9 Best Practices for High Converting CTA buttons

Over the last couple of years, several most effective practices have emerged regarding making high converting CTA buttons. This article will have an in-depth look at CTA button best practices.

1. Utilize the right action terms

That is what every suitable CTA buttons share, and they are focused on displaying an effective verb.

We're a fan of using a term that conveys the purpose of the CTA. If the button's click triggers an exact process, inform the user in advance what that procedure will be. Make sure to use the appropriate word on the label of the button.

2. Make sure to choose a unique yet complimentary colour

CTA buttons must be distinct from other visual elements. Even when few distractions are, the viewer must draw attention to the CTA.

UX designers can achieve this with two strategies. Colour is one method, but we'll discuss the second later.

The CTA button best practices for designing involves selecting the colour that differs from all other colours on the user's screen.

This button has a hue that stands out from the background and complements the page's overall colour scheme design.

3. Make it appear as if you're pressing it's

Another CTA button best practice web designers employ to create CTAs to distinguish themselves from other images is to design them to look like it's a button. That can make sense of familiarity within a person's mind as they are used to clicking on objects with a specific form.

In recent years designers have begun to shift in a different direction from CTAs that appear to be real-world buttons. The days of physical control are long gone.

Today, buttons are perfectly square or have round corners, and some websites choose to include effects such as heavily feathered shadows. While I'm not against this method, we're reluctant to label it "CTA button best practices."

You are free to experiment with effects such as these, however. If it aligns with your brand's tone, this strategy may resonate with your audience.

4. Answer common user issues

Utilizing CTA buttons to highlight issues the audience might be concerned about is an approach that web designers can not think about.

However, no matter how effective you motivate users to click a CTA, Many have internal resistance. They are worried that clicking the button could cause something to happen and it's something that can pose an element of danger.

They might be worried that they'll sign up for something with hidden costs, or they'll be triggered by an endless, tedious procedure that they don't have enough time to devote to.

Only you know what "risks" your target audience feels when they view your CTA. If not, I recommend conducting a user feedback session to discover.

If you've identified the primary reason that makes someone reluctant to click your CTA, Don't be afraid to confront it directly.

5. Set the button where it is logical.

The content surrounding the CTA can be an important motivator for clicks. Some innovative designers put CTAs in conjunction with text designed to "sell" something specific about their product.

If the message resonates with the user, the button is at hand to capitalize on their desire.

6. Make sure it is in the proper location.

One of the most vital CTA button best practices is to place the CTA button in the appropriate position. It is possible to strike the proper equilibrium and avoid making it appear too evident.

For instance, it may be too obvious if we put it in the middle of the web page. On the other hand, should you put it in the lower-left corner, the possibility is that it will be overlooked.

7. Short text, legible font

Keep your text brief and elegant. Long sentences can become tedious to look at. When the content is shorter, it will allow you to use a larger font. A maximum of two to four sentences is the ideal length.

8. Text in the first person

Which is better: Buy your copy right now or buy an additional fraud? The text written using the reader's persona makes readers know about the advantages, personalizes it to a certain extent, and draws attention to the reader.

9. Maintain a sufficient amount of white space

Be sure that you ensure that your CTA button is not cluttered. Leave adequate space surrounding the message while, at the same time, providing your text appears clear.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, testing A/B in implementing an element geared towards conversion, such as the high converting CTA buttons, is worth noting.

It's almost impossible to know how users will react to changes to the label, shape and colour, or even its position. In the same way, it's not feasible to wait for weeks to find out how a new button impacts the conversion rates.

It's recommended to have at least one high converting CTA buttons live at any moment and then compare their performance against one another and remove any "weaker" option.

We suggest doing some investigation about A/B testing methods. There are various options available for the proprietor who does not wish to leave the performance of their website to the fate.

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