June 3 , 2022

Top 6 Benefits of Custom Web Development

Benefits of Custom Web Development

A large majority of people search online for information. Therefore, it is crucial that your business has a strong online presence, and that is the best way to build your brand and connect with customers. When building a website, you have two options: you can either choose from pre-made templates like Squarespace or custom web development services that meet your specific needs.

Although templates are cheaper, they can have severe limitations that will limit your ability to harness the full potential of your website. You'll be able to reap many benefits from a Custom Web Development Services that will allow you to grow your business.

What is custom web development?

There are two things to consider when building a website.

  • Web design
  • Web development

Custom web design

Web design is the layout and style of your website. It includes images, colours, content, and CTA buttons. That creates a cohesive structure that conveys your brand and message in an appealing way to your audience. Your website design is often the first thing people see when they visit your site, and it has a significant impact on how users experience it. That is why it's so important to do this right.

Custom web development

Web development is the foundation of the entire process. It includes the functional elements that affect how your website functions and is built. These "behind-the-scenes" elements control how your website loads, processes eCommerce transactions and downloads digital documents. Your website's development is crucial to its success.

As the name suggests, custom web development involves the use of programming code specifically tailored to your website's needs. That allows you to have more control over the design and construction of your website than with a template website builder. You will need to hire an expert programmer to build your website. That will increase your initial cost, but it will provide tremendous benefits over the life of your website.

Why should choose custom web development services?

Custom web development is a way to create a website that meets your specific business needs. You will see an improvement in website performance.

  • More SEO results
  • Longer user session times
  • Improved user experience
  • Profits and conversions increase

Benefits of Custom Web Development Services

These are the benefits of custom website development.

Unique features tailored to your business.

You are limited by the functionality and themes of the website builder templates. That limits your ability to modify both the Design and structural elements of your website. Your website will appear very similar to many other websites that use the same theme. Your site's architecture might not be ideal for your business.

Your website can be built to your specifications with custom web development services. You have no restrictions on the design or organization of its structural elements. Your website will have a distinctive look and feel. You can also customize your navigation to meet the needs of your visitors. Third-party integrations can be created, as well as dynamic eCommerce pages. Fillable forms can also be created to provide the information you require. You can customize your website to deliver the results you need, engage your customers and grow your business.

Faster loading times

Website builders modules are equipped with functionality that can be applied to all websites built on the platform. That is to meet the diverse needs of their users. Although you might need some functionality for your website, likely, you won't be able to use all of the features. This unnecessarily complicated website structure can cause slow site speeds and increased load times.

Website loading times are the most important things for a good website. It is crucial to the success and conversion of visitors to customers. A web page should load in 3 seconds or less, and slow loading times can negatively impact performance.

  • 25% of visitors leave a website that takes longer than 4 seconds to load.
  • Poor performance websites, such as slow loading times, will be avoided by 46% of users.
  • A 1-second delay in loading causes a 16% drop in customer satisfaction.

This site speed problem can be eliminated by custom website development services. It includes only the functionality that your website needs. The flexibility to select the functional components that best suit your business and users will reduce the amount of bloated website builder modules. You will enjoy a faster loading speed for your pages, making it easier to convert customers.

Site security

Your site's design can impact your website security. If you collect personal data from customers, it is crucial to ensure that your website is secure from hackers. Google now warns users when they submit information to a form on a page without SSL security technology.

Your site is more susceptible to security breaches if you use a website-building platform. It is possible for any website on the platform to be compromised if it is breached. Many website builders host thousands of sites on their platforms, posing a severe security threat.

The benefits of custom web development services are it helps to maintain the security of your website.

  • To keep your data secure, advanced coding techniques are used
  • SSL security technology will be used to build your website
  • It is more challenging to commit a breach if you use proprietary source code
  • Your website will be protected in a safer environment than a platform that builds websites
  • Security measures are enhanced by custom workflows used for multiple participants, strict access rights, and complex authentication methods.

These techniques significantly lower your chance of a breach, which can affect the performance of the website and erode your customers' trust.

Greater scalability and flexibility

Over time, your business will change and grow. Your new website's functionality may be sufficient to meet your current needs, but it might not be able to cope with the changes and growth that your business will experience in the future. It is crucial that your website can adapt to your changing business needs.

Website builders can't be scaled or modified. You are limited to the functionality that you have now for the life of your website. That limits the website's ability to adapt to changing needs and audiences. These limitations will eventually be outgrown, and you'll have to create a new website to reflect the growth.

You can build a flexible website to meet your changing needs. Your web developer will make all adjustments necessary to your website as they occur, so your business can grow with it. Your web developer will be able to adjust eCommerce functionality and accommodate a more extensive traffic volume. That will significantly increase the life expectancy of your website.

A better-optimized customer journey

Your website should be designed to align with your customer journey. Your website should be designed to minimize the time it takes for visitors to convert into customers. Visitors can lose interest if there are too many steps in this process.

The functionality of a website builder is limited. You may have a complicated customer journey which reduces conversions. You can streamline your customer journey with custom web development and eliminate unnecessary steps, increasing your conversion rates and helping you grow your business.

Improved business function automation

You can also optimize your business functions is one of the most important benefits of custom web development services. It will improve your ability to do a variety of actions, including:

  • Capture potential leads in an easy-to-export format to your CRM
  • Integrate other software applications with your website
  • You can manage customer data obtained through user engagement on your website

These essential functions are often more complex with website builders. They can streamline your operations, reduce the time needed to organize customer data, improve efficiency, and increase the productivity of your sales team.

Custom Web Development Services by Ibuildsite

Ibuildsite offers robust custom web development services that meet the needs of each business.

Our custom web developers have extensive experience in building websites that support many industries and businesses. This expertise and versatility will ensure your success from the first day of your new website launch. We can help with any of your needs, including:

  • Develop custom applications
  • Building strong eCommerce platforms
  • A simple and user-friendly website architecture
  • Provides an accessible platform for adding new content over time

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