January 27 , 2022

Difference Between Laravel and CodeIgniter Framework in PHP

Laravel and CodeIgniter

PHP is a popular choice for backend developers to build custom solutions. That can be derived from the statistics on the usage of PHP.

Utilizing PHP frameworks is crucial to increasing the speed of the development process. Today, many types of PHP web application frameworks are available on the internet. Among the numerous options available that are widely used, the two most popular PHP frameworks include Laravel and CodeIgniter.

This post will examine a thorough analysis of CodeIgniter and Laravel to find a better framework. Let's look at the idea and the primary differences among Laravel and CodeIgniter frameworks more deeply. First, we'll review the main aspects of both frameworks.

Larvel Vs Codeignitor Google TrendsLarvel Vs Codeignitor Google Trends

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is the exact PHP framework that effortlessly meets the development of open-source applications for all types of companies and is the preferred option for developers. Its extensive community support allows for the quick resolution of problems with programming. It also provides forums, blogs, and expert advice for top-quality programming.

Why Choose The Laravel PHP Framework?

Thanks to the fantastic Laravel features and a functional structure, the Laravel platform has become the top PHP framework. Laravel development companies such as ours can develop engaging and highly efficient web applications by using advanced features in laravel. And they can do it using minimal repetitive programming tasks.

Laravel Usage Statistics

Source : https://trends.builtwith.com/framework/Laravel

What are the top Features in the Laravel framework?

What are the advantages of Laravel that make it superior, and why do developers choose to utilize Laravel? Let's take a look below.

The Innovative Template Engine

Laravel framework is well-known for its lightweight templates to create stunning layouts dynamically seeded with content. Additionally, it provides numerous essential widgets that integrate CSS and JS code by making usage of solid structures. Laravel templates are developed to produce simple and combined layouts featuring sections that simplify the development process.

MVC Architecture Support by Built-In Functions

Laravel is based on its application with the MVC architecture pattern that ensures the separation of the critical business logic from the important presentation layer. MVC is the pattern used by Laravel that includes a variety of built-in functions, which improves the application's performance and increases the levels of security and scaling for developers.

Authorization Technique for Coding

The authorization and authentication aspect is the most critical element for creating software to create applications. It also analyzes the amount of time a programmer needs to create something completely fresh. The framework also includes the logic-based technique that aids in the reform of authorization logic and also controls access to various resources.

With the validation code built into Laravel, The amount of programming time has been cut significantly. Application reasoning features provide developers flexibility and freedom to work with various software of all kinds of software.

Eloquent Object Relational Mapping and Implementation

Laravel offers Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM) with an easy PHP Active Record Implementation. This feature allows web developers to create database queries using PHP syntax instead of creating SQL code. ORM is significantly faster than previous PHP frameworks.

Strong Application Security

Security functions are among the most effective Laravel features. Laravel framework is a high-end and secure web application security that allows developers to develop. Laravel security features effectively use salted and hashed password mechanisms so that passwords are not saved as plain text to the user's database.

It is also used in the "Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm" for creating encrypted passwords. Additionally, the PHP framework for web-based development uses SQL statements that protect SQL injection attacks.

Artisan Tool for Automating Programming Tasks

Laravel framework comes with an inbuilt command-line tool referred to as Artisan that assists in automatizing tedious routine programming chores. Artisan is also able to create the structure of databases and the skeleton code. Additionally, it is used to handle jobs for migration, and it's easy to manage multiple databases.

Additionally, it can generate original MVC files using the command line and manage those files using their configurations. Artisans can also assist developers in creating their commands and using them when needed.

Enable Libraries and Modular Functionalities

Laravel allows developers to use the pre-installed Object-Oriented and Modular libraries not available in other PHP frameworks. For instance, Laravel's Authentication library is easy to implement and has multiple features.

That includes checking active users and password resets, Bcrypt hashing CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, as well as encryption. In addition, this framework is divided into separate components based on sophisticated PHP principles to allow flexible and responsive web application development.

Facilitate Database Migration System through PHP Code

Laravel migration software helps expand the database structure without recreating it every time there is any change in the application's code. This feature ensures that the possibility of losing data is drastically decreased.

The tool not only allows modifying the overall structure of the database, but it also assists in doing the same using PHP code instead of SQL. In addition, Laravel Schema Builder helps developers create tables for databases and inserts indexes with the columns required when they are scheduled.

Competitive and Effortless Unit Testing

Laravel is an excellent framework for web developers since it can efficiently and quickly facilitate unit testing capabilities. The framework can run multiple unit tests to ensure that the latest changes made by the programmer don't happen without warning disrupt the existing web application. In a perfect world, Laravel based web applications can run steady releases since it is aware of identified issues. It also makes it easy for developers to create unit tests.

Useful Tutorials

Through its tutorials, known as"Laracasts," Laravel provides a reliable source for education for novices and experienced developers. Whether you're searching for free tutorials or a paid subscription, it is possible to learn to use Laravel. The instructions for learning are precise, easy to follow and simple to grasp to make and even duplicate training materials, making this framework learning straightforward.

What is CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter is a free web framework designed to build robust websites using PHP. Since its launch in February 2006, EllisLab and EllisLab have been continuously developing to make modern applications. It includes a vast library, plug-ins helpers, and other resources supporting various complicated functions and processes.

It can simplify PHP syntax, streamline application source code on your website pages, and create professional and interactive websites in a shorter amount of time.

What are the reasons to choose the CodeIgniter PHP framework?

The advantages of choosing the CodeIgniter framework to build your project are that it's a framework that has a minimal footprint. CodeIgniter 4 is a 1.2MB download and comes with an instructional guide of 6MB. It supports MVC but doesn't make it a requirement. It has built-in security for XSS and CSRF.

It provides highly secure protection. It's a top performer with an easy to understanding documents. The majority of its configurations are performed according to a convention, which declares a non-zero configuration setup.

CodeIgniter Usage StatisticsSource : https://trends.builtwith.com/framework/CodeIgniter

What are the top features in the CodeIgniter framework?

A majority of PHP frameworks have built-in mechanisms to respond to changes occurring in companies and web applications. CodeIgniter Model View Controller framework includes various features and tools to build web-based applications within a brief period.

It is small and has a wide range of methods that you can modify to achieve the desired result. These are the main advantages that prove the benefits of choosing CodeIgniter for developing web apps in 2021:

Secure Framework

A web-based development company should always look for improved security. CodeIgniter foundation provides various security-focused features and features that come with diverse capabilities for output and input filtering. They typically mention encryption and decryption methods which can be highly beneficial for developers to manage and control the data during installation.

Simpler Configuration

CodeIgniter PHP framework is built on an organized layout and an open-source folder configuration. That makes it easier to streamline PHP's syntax PHP when using this framework. That enables creating web-based applications with no problems of complying with complicated syntax mistakes and with much less time.

Superior Testing Facilities

The most recent version of Codeigniter is distinct from other PHP frameworks because of its step-by-step testing feature that is extremely useful in any web-based application development framework process. This feature is unique and allows developers to analyze the performance of their functions and share the most efficient methods that can aid in the development of future projects.

Easy to Use

PHP CodeIgniter model view controller framework is a primary interface that is easy to master and utilize. The framework is open-source, and the framework is easily customized to meet the needs of your business if there are any changes to the specifications in the future into your work through quick solutions that utilize a variety of tools and controllers available.

More Results with fewer Codes

Codeigniter is a well-known application development framework where its creators have to write just a few codes. It is not required to utilize third-party libraries that immediately open the way for speedier web-based app development. The framework is highly advised if you're looking for quick web app development capabilities.

Remarkable Documentation

Documentation assists developers in managing and referencing the code and also assists in thinking about future references. CodeIgniter web framework helps keep the vital documentation of codes in a much simpler method. The rich documentation of your web application function as a critical CodeIgniter user's guide.

That will reduce the amount of time to obtain references to incorporate changes to meet the diverse demands.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel: What is The Difference?

CodeIgniter and Laravel are just two choices, but which should you pick? The answer is contingent on what you're creating.

We've broken down some essentials in our CodeIgniter and Laravel review. Check it out to discover which one will be the most suitable for your needs.

Key Aspects Laravel Codeigniter
Construction and updates Laravel tends to follow the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern of filing. It contains a command line tool known as the Artisan. CodeIgniter’s structure is MVC architectural pattern and supplies an easy on-boarding. The pattern was roughly based on object-oriented programming. Nevertheless, numerous developers utilized it as per their needs.
Support of DBMS Laravel supports Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, JDBC compatible, and orientDB. CodeIGniter also supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Microsoft BI. Furthermore, it also provides integration support for other prevalent databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and DB2.
Inbuilt modules This framework is formed with inbuilt modularity features. Laravel allows developers to split a project into trivial modules through the bundle. This framework does not deliver any inbuilt modularity feature. So, the developers have to generate and preserve modules by utilizing Modular Extension.
Popularity and latest trends It is much popular in the current times owing to its communicative coding pattern, favoured by experienced developers. It has more popularity compared to CodeIgniter It presents an ease of usage in 2.x, and hence, most of the web developers prefer CodeIgniter.
Facilitate RESTful API RESTful Controller methods authorize Laravel developers to produce a collection of REST API without investing extra effort and time. It does not simplify the streamlined development of REST APIs.
Online support and libraries Laravel offers the authorised documentation which is very helpful and elaborate. However, you can ascertain extra help from exparts. CodeIgniter offers adequate inbuilt functionality, and their site has a valuable guide that you can utilize without having any prior knowledge on it.
API building and template engine It contains a simple but vigorous template engine named Blade. The Blade engine permits PHP programmers to enhance the execution of the web application by manipulating and augmenting views. It does not include any built-in template engine. The developers ought to assimilate it with a third-party templating engine tool named Smarty. This aids them to execute common tasks and enhance the performance of the CodeIgniter website.
Template language Blade template engine PHP proprietary
Database model Relational object-oriented Object oriented
Programming paradigm Component oriented Object-oriented event driven functional
Authentication The authentication class trait presented by Laravel forms it easier for its developers to implement authorization and authentication rules. CodeIgniter does not come with inbuilt authentication traits. So, the developers need to authorize and authenticate the users by scripting custom CodeIgniter extensions.
HTTP support It allows its programmers to describe custom HTTP routes. Laravel developers can form a precise URL for each HTTP route. It does not facilitate HTTP completely. Hence, its developers can utilize URL to maintain the data transmission safely by forming paths.
Learning curve It has various additional traits that are not easy to learn, at least for beginners. The beginners find it simple and easy to learn and utilize CodeIgniter in comparison to Laravel.
Unit testing Laravel allows its developers to check application code carefully and uninterruptedly with the assistance of PHP Unit. CodeIgniter does not have an inbuilt unit testing tool. Hence, its developers ought to use an extra unit testing support to evaluate the value of application as well as code.

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