May 23 , 2022

Where and How to Display Google Reviews on Your Website

Display Google Reviews on Website

Many websites boast pages of five-star reviews. Is that convincing? It is not. To increase your brand's perceived worth, you can display Google reviews on the website.

How to embed Google Reviews on a Website

Reviews are a great way to add authenticity and social proof to your brand. After you've gathered reviews from your Google My Business profile, it's time for you to embed them on your Website. Embedding Google reviews on a website requires basic knowledge of either the Google My Business API or your Website CMS.

How to embed Google Reviews on Your Website:

  • Add a widget. Widgets can be installed on most content management systems. Many plugins for Google reviews are available in WordPress, and you need to click the "Install" button.
  • Use the API. APIs, also known as application programming interfaces, allow different software to interact with each other on the backend. To make your Google reviews visible on your Website, enable the Google My Business API. You can display all reviews, a particular review, or reviews from specific locations. You can also reply to reviews and delete review replies. This functionality allows you to control your Google reviews.

Essential Rules for Your Reviews Page

Review embedding on your Website won't add value to your brand. You'll need other optimizations to increase your digital presence to attract reviews. Ensure that your Google My Business profile has been updated to ensure it is ready for conversion. Your GMB profile will need to be optimized to bring your brand to their attention. However, your audience must click the link to your site!

Your audience can leave a review to voice their opinion and communicate their needs to you directly. It doesn't matter if the check is a five-star rave or a suggestion, and it matters that your audience feels heard. Did you ever skip the one-star review filter only to find all negative reviews were ignored or even deliberately buried by the brand? That is a red flag and has motivated me to look for another brand when doing product research.

You want to make a good impression if you plan to display Google reviews on the website. That is how to display google reviews on the website so that you make the best impression.

It is good to have some of your team members delegate time each week to answer customer reviews. Be friendly and polite, and keep your tone light. Your audience should know that you are there to assist them and not trick them into purchasing a product or service that doesn't meet their expectations.

Finally, it would help if you had a plan to ask your audience to review your site. Reviews will boost your rankings in local searches. Reviews also show that you are trustworthy and can be relied upon to provide feedback.

Where to Put Reviews on Your Website

There are many places you can display Google reviews on the Website. You can post a review as long as you have a shortcode or widget. Note: If you own a franchise or have multiple locations in your area, you can place reviews for each site on your franchise website.

Here are some suggestions for where you can put reviews on your Website. You can use certain widgets or codes to create these presentations.

Your homepage should highlight positive reviews. Display a feed of reviews or alternate single reviews occasionally.

Review your About page. Choose reviews that will help you position your brand as an expert partner. It would help if you used reviews to facilitate conversations with your audience.

Add product-specific reviews on your product pages or services pages. To show your customers how your offerings work in the wild, display Google reviews of your products and services on your product pages.

Review your customers to show that you are listening. Perhaps you can highlight bad reviews that you have resolved. Let your audience know that you are willing to listen and work with them to improve their lives.

Increase your Website's visibility!

You deserve it. When they reach your Website, they will see embedded Google reviews and be more trusting of your brand. Our team excels display google reviews on websites and managing audience feedback on websites. Why not let us help you get your best foot forward? Contact us by filling out the contact form.

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