April 15 , 2022

Top 10 eCommerce Website Design Trends in 2022

eCommerce web design trends 2022

There is always a change in online purchasing habits, so it's no reason to be surprised to see trends regarding eCommerce design are changing with them. The latest eCommerce web design trends in 2022 focus on cutting-edge VR and Artificial Intelligence technologies and innovative marketing techniques that make numerous modern devices more personal and user-friendly.

10 Exciting eCommerce Website Design Trends for 2022

Please take a look at our list of the top eCommerce design trends in 2022 to get some of our fantastic web design suggestions on packaging, branding, and eCommerce. These are what people are looking for and expecting from online shopping.

Live search

The latest eCommerce website design trend for 2022 is Live search. Live search uses asynchronous JavaScript to pull relevant data while users type in real-time, providing a great user experience. The most effective live search we've seen offers exact phrases and similar products but considers things such as close spelling matches in the event of the possibility of a typo. It's all about helping customers find what they're looking for in the shortest time possible to increase conversion rates and sales.

If it's not easy for potential buyers to find the product they're looking for, They're more likely to leave and visit another competitor's website instead.

More practical options for filtering

That is in line with live search. However, we see an enormous effort to improve the filtering of products across different e-commerce sites. You can enhance your user experience by switching the user interface from endless dropdown menus, dropdowns, and checkboxes to one that is more intuitive and simple to implement.

Customers are looking to narrow down the colour choices, sizes, colours, and brands. It's worth considering how your filtering appears and how simple and fast it is for your clients to set up. It may seem sensible to hide options behind various panels resembling accordions to reduce space; however, it's a problem if a second user clicks away and is annoyed.

Micro animations

The gap between the user experience on mobile and desktop websites is fading away, and it's focused on website applications in general. Users expect quick browsing between websites, smooth animations and transitions, and increasingly an app-like experience on web pages. Hover effects on images are a hot topic, and so are hover effects on buttons.

It's all about dazzling your customers and displaying your product online in the best manner possible. In a physical shop, you'll find it called visual merchandising. Thinking about how your shop window will appear online is equally crucial.

Minimalist and simple

We're a massive fan of simple design, ensuring that things are easy on the internet. Have you ever visited a website and been bombarded by pop-ups, notifications, live chat, and crowded and cluttered layouts? You've got it. It's a major turnoff and can affect sales online. When it comes to eCommerce websites, we believe it's better to let your products speak for themselves, and we're witnessing an increase in simple, clean design in online stores. This season, pastel colours are popular, so make the most of these lighter shades. Simple, modern designs with soothing colours and straightforward navigation that is stunning images of products are something we are looking forward to seeing this season.

A lot of images in one panoramic

A genuine eCommerce website design trend for 2022 is displaying images of products from one perspective, mostly on websites that sell on e-commerce. It also aims to enhance the accessibility of the design, similar to the other UX design trends have done.

The images of the product are present in a carousel fashion. To see various views of a product, the user had to click next and not simultaneously view several ideas. The latest design trend solves these issues by allowing customers to simultaneously look at multiple product images.

It provides customers with great comfort from the standpoint of convenience. That is a popular concept utilized by well-known e-commerce sites like IKEA, Myntra, H&M. and many more.

Faster site speeds

Site speed is crucial for all websites from 2022, and they are also vital for eCommerce sites. The milliseconds (ms) your website is slowing down can translate to the actual value of sales lost.

In a study aptly titled Milliseconds Make Millions, Deloitte found that when just 0.1s increased load time, bounce rates on pages for listing products in travel and retail improved by 5.7% and 5.4 %, respectively. That's huge!

If you do not make any other changes to your website other than the one listed in this list, make this the primary one you choose. If your website is currently operating as a snail regarding speed and loading times, it's time to address it by 2022. Take a look at this informative blog about Top 10 Tips On How To Speed Up Your Mobile Site.


An innovative eCommerce website design trend for 2022 is AI & AR. The advancement of technology is thrilling for businesses in the e-commerce industry, and we're seeing an increase in the number of companies making the most available possibilities in 2022. It includes an AI chatbot that helps customers find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Augmented Reality (AR) application allows customers to visualize their purchases from their own homes. That is significant, and we're sure to see it growing in popularity to alleviate the feeling of being confined to purchasing online, particularly in the case of large-ticket items for your home.

The company I've been amazed by, who are doing this is Currys from the UK. They've even created their website with an app that you can download for Android or Apple devices to help you point and arrange products in your home. Before buying them, you can check out how these electrical devices will look inside your home. Very amazing!

Perfect for mobile applications.

Most websites generate traffic via mobile devices, and 65% of eCommerce and 53% of sales generate through mobile devices.

To meet the demands to satisfy the market. eCommerce websites are more user-friendly. Many online sellers focus on styles that appear great on multiple platforms, including tablets and smartphones.

This tendency shouldn't disappear, and it's even more critical.

BigCommerce assists in the design of a website with a mobile-friendly design. The platform shows the way your design looks on desktops and smartphones throughout your design process. You can then alter the plan until the way it appears it appears by both mobile and desktop devices seems acceptable.

Headless eCommerce

Headless websites focus on disconnecting the front end of the website from its backend. That allows you to make sleek modern web applications that look stunning and work flawlessly for users regardless of their device.

That lets the marketing team, business owners, and SEOs change the content on their website and even add products without thinking about how it will impact the front end of the website. The developer or group of developers can retrieve this info and then display the data in various ways with modern frontend technologies.

Many of the largest e-commerce companies, such as those Nike and Amazon, are now beginning to use the new technology available to upgrade and deliver the best user customer experience they can provide. Headless eCommerce websites can operate more quickly, scale faster, and adapt to the future than traditional eCommerce websites.

Social media posts to shop

In our article on Digital Marketing trends to 2022, these social media platforms allow direct sales through posts to be much more effortless. UX's best advice is to let users do as little work as they can, and therefore, it's easy to let them make transactions without ever leaving their favourite social media website.

The benefit of direct sales through platforms like Instagram and Snapchat is evident that these media are specifically designed to facilitate online shopping. It is also happening by the platforms themselves, and innovative features are constantly being developed to help e-commerce stores.

The way you promote these posts through your website is increasing in Moe's (above) example, "preview" your Instagram shopping stream on their homepage. While posts on shoppable Social Media can increase sales among their followers, posting such content on your website can also motivate loyal users on social media to join you.


We're looking forward to seeing what other brands are embracing this latest web development trend in 2022 and beyond.

That concludes our list of 7 eCommerce web design trends 2022. We hope this provides you with new ideas on the latest trends for online shopping and ways you may be able to update your website's e-commerce capabilities this year and into the future.

If you're thinking about changing your online store's website or even starting your eCommerce venture, but you're not sure where to begin, then why not get in touch with our experts on our team to guide you in the right direction and guide you with your new website journey. We are experts on what works, we are aware of what looks good, and we'd like to work with you in executing your grand idea.

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