June 10 , 2022

How to build a website for a business

Many companies, particularly startups, struggle with how to build a website for a business that converts customers and generates revenue. People often overlook important factors that can affect the effectiveness of a website.

Many business owners still make the mistake of focusing on design and aesthetics rather than on how it generates leads. To generate leads, business owners invest money in "doing SEO" and "digital marketing" after they have launched their websites. You will need to spend money to promote your website and business, and it doesn't necessarily mean you should spend money to correct web design errors that you already paid for. These mistakes can be avoided in the initial stages of business website design.

Ibuildsite, a team specializing in custom web development for startups, collected positive experiences from our clients to share. These tips will help you increase traffic, leads and sales for your startup website.

Know your target audience

Every day, people are overwhelmed with vast amounts of information. Information overload is a common problem. You need to personalize your website if you want it to have an impact. It would help if you made your website visitors feel that you are talking to them on a personal level.

How can you make your website more personal? Your target audience is the most important thing. Study your consumer in detail. Your positioning should clearly be defined: Who and What? Learn about the buying habits of your customers.

The same applies to a business website design.

If you don't pay attention to these things, it will be impossible to build an effective website.

Who are your customers?
What that person thinks
What the person requires

This part of your web project can be entrusted to a UI UX web designer agency or web designer. Although it is the most tedious, it is essential.

Understanding your target audience, their needs, and their thinking will help you create a business website that effectively influences and sells.

Your website goals

Startups especially can have a website developed to provide information about their company and a platform for eCommerce.

Establishing your website's primary goals before you start designing it is crucial. That will guide you in determining website design, functionality, and content.

It is crucial to know what you want from your website, and that will help you develop more.

A website with more features will be more interactive. Your website may be more straightforward if you only need to provide information about your products, services, hours and locations. You must include certain features if you want to engage customers through contests, coupons and discussion boards.

Web development will be less efficient if you do not accept payments via your website. However, if you are an online retailer or service provider, you will need to use a payment method to receive payments.

Your marketing goals, legal obligations, and potential risks should always be the guiding principles for your website's strategy.

When you launch a website, it is essential to consider user experience. Your site must make it easy for users to find the information they need.

Pro-tip. Pro-tip: Set goals for each page of your website.

Your website's content should be created.
It is now time to determine what your website will say.

When starting a website, business owners can find it challenging to decide what to write about their products and services. Could you keep it simple and include minimal text? Each page should have simple options, such as. submit a form, contact us button

It is also wrong to concentrate primarily on call-to-action, contact forms or mailing lists.

The content must be attractive.

Website content should not be used to fill empty spaces on a webpage. It is not necessary to describe your products or business with the cliché phrases "I do it best", "I have a lot of experience", and "I am unique".

Web designers can also save time by creating web content early in their development process.

For every page of your content, start with a headline, which you should do to grab the reader's attention.

One of David Ogilvy's quotes is:

"On average, five-fold as many people read headlines than read the body copy."

Next, you will need to create the content for the pages. It is not easy to write excellent website copy. However, if you want them to read and understand, you will need to be able to master speech and learn everything about your product and company.

You want people to click on your headline or copy and buy your product. The last thing a user needs to know to be convinced is why. Your website will be more persuasive if it is more informative.

You can hire SEO copywriters if your writing skills are not up to par.

Pro-tip. Avoid using title tags and headlines that are unclear or irrelevant.

In the digital age, the principles of growing and starting a business aren't changing. These tips will help you if you want to create a website for your startup or redesign one for your company. Once your website is up and running, you will see better results.

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