June 22 , 2021

How to Choose the Right Font for Your Next Website Design

How to Choose the Right Font

Choosing the right font for your web design should never be left to fate, there are some key strategic considerations to keep in mind in choosing your ideal font face.

How to Choose the Right Typeface. Discovering inspiration and studying the typical usage of fonts on a website helps you design effectively.

Understanding how to choose the right typeface can also help you understand your target audience and their needs.

This will enable you to make the right choices in terms of which fonts to use and how to balance typefaces to achieve an elegant look.

How to Choose the Right Fonts

How to Choose the Right Fonts for Your Web Design

As with any design project, legibility is key. For the font to be both readable and effective, the font typeface, size and spacing should all be scrutinized to ensure clear readability.

Avoid using too much or too little typeface in your design. It's important that you get the balance just right so that the font doesn't make the text difficult to read.

With a bit of practice, you'll be able to fine-tune the readability of your font so that it can contribute to the overall clarity and readability of the entire piece.

1. Visual Hierarchy

The visual hierarchy of your website is essentially its design sequence or layout. Every element in the design, whether it is heading, text, images, etc., must have a specific place in the graphic hierarchy or visual hierarchy.

Your text element should have a specific role in the design. For example, a featured text becomes the main element of your featured list and so on.

Visual hierarchy not only helps guide readers' attention through the design, but it can also contribute to legibility as well.

2. Primary Body Font

When designing for a website, the most important thing to consider is the primary body font (the font used for text and background on the web page), particularly when displaying larger image files or when using Flash.

The font size of your primary body font should always be the size of your chosen text element, in percentage.

It is recommended that you create consistent styles for the primary body font so that the different fonts that you use throughout the rest of your website don't contrast or clash.

It is recommended that you create a style sheet or library for each design element that you want to use so that you can keep track of style conventions.

3. Alternative Fonts

When you're trying to create a visual hierarchy and get your message across using primary body text, it's often recommended that you use alternate fonts.

Alternate fonts are simply a version of one primary font that is placed in different places around the text.

For example, you might use a Times New Roman style for the headings in your headlines, and Georgia styles for the body of your article text.

This works particularly well if your main text is in a different size than the rest of the text. The only drawback to using alternate fonts is that sometimes they don't work as well as your main text.

4. Typography

A final factor of good design is typography, which is measured by the number of lines and characters that are used to convey your message.

Every designer, regardless of whether they are a graphic designer or web designer, should understand typography, especially when delivering website designs.

A good typography designer will understand the benefits of using varying line-heights, shadows and other graphic design effects to get an appealing effect.

Most designers find that learning to create cohesive, readable content is much easier than creating beautiful graphics.

Final Words

Choosing the perfect website font is one of those techniques which are very rewarding.

When you are able to get the perfect mixture, you feel enthralled. Simultaneously when nothing appears to work.

Following the previously discussed tips, you will be able to get a typeface and system that are ideal for your website designing projects.

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