July 13 , 2020

How to Hire a WordPress Developer

Hire a WordPress Developer

When developing a WordPress website or need to improve your present WordPress website by including advanced features, the initial question appears that whether you should do it by yourself or you need to hire a WordPress developer to perform the job professionally?

Many website owners provide their business objectives by utilizing ready-made WordPress themes. To have some increased functionality, they make utilization of free plugins. People who wish to go a step further, they need to go extra miles to meet their business objectives.

If you know to utilize WordPress, then you can begin developing a website by yourself. But truly, you can’t develop a professional-looking website as it needed lots of effort and several technical abilities. Such as you need to know the basics of PHP, CSS, and WordPress.

Therefore, if you don’t have expert skills, then suggest you hire a WordPress developer.

Just consider some points that are the following. These points will help you when hiring a developer.

Determine Your Requirements

Before you proceed to assess the abilities of the WordPress developer, draw your requirements. WordPress today isn’t restricted to just blogging, instead, the features scan beyond limits.

From eCommerce stores to WooCommerce plug-in, online portals, or company websites, WordPress developers utilize the platform to build up all. Where some want a complete website created, some others may want to customize the page, add a theme, or add a plugin. Among such a variety of requirements, specifying just what do you want to achieve, will assist you to segment the several companies and hire the right one.

Check Out Their Previous Work

As a business owner, it is not shocking that you may have almost no way of discussing technical terms when you need to have particular specific knowledge and solutions from them. Even so, you may still request the WordPress developers regarding the type of work that they have completed before, as well as the way that they may wish to approach your work. A good WordPress developer could have the skills and linguistic capability to offer you details on how things work and what you may expect from their work.

Ecommerce Web development

You need to ensure with the developer that your website might be extensible in case if you need to increase the features and functionalities to it soon. A WordPress website can be transformed into an online shopping store by using the WooCommerce plugin, but you still require to verify the same with your developer. And when you require an e-commerce website at this time, ensure that you convey this to your developer.


A professional WordPress developer will be able to develop custom plugins and integrations for WordPress. If you require any custom functions for your website, you need to request your developer, whether it can do with an existing plugin or will need developing one from scratch. The price of the same should also offer to you.

Expense of Development

A custom WordPress site may be costly. Yes, somewhat a website built using WordPress costs less than any other platform, but you never know what to anticipate. Nevertheless, before hiring developers, you may still do approximately calculation of the expense.

The expense of your project will be based on the range of your task, the complexity of the task, and the knowledge of the WordPress website developer that you have chosen.

Some examples of things contained in all these elements are the number of webpages on the website, the hourly cost of the WP hired developers, custom or standard functions, etc.
It is suggested that if you hire WordPress developers, allow priority to the middle range people as that is in which the most skilled and trusted people are.

Code Review

If you need to verify the work quality then the simplest way is to verify or review the developer’s code. Some developers, just as an alternative developer, check the code’s performance problem, security, and the logic they have utilized. In this manner, you will able to determine their code quality.

Delivery Timelines

You'd probably never wish to hire a developer that takes a long time to finish the job of development. This way your business impacted more than the website. While hiring a WordPress developer, ensure that they have an outstanding reputation on-time delivery. A developer that assumes an agile tactic, follows the planned strategies, and can make the job on time, will be the one that will plan your objectives.

Service-Oriented Developer

When developers are beginning out in their professions, they take up freelancing projects to boost their skills and earn a little extra money. This knowledge assists them when they are working full-time as a developer in a company.

So, if you are planning to hire WordPress developers, try to find the people mentioned previously because they know the value of time.

To have maximum returns on your investment, you must discover developers with a service-oriented approach. If that is done you can be assured of hiring an expert team for your job.

SEO Expertise

The ultimate goal of a website is to obtain site visitors and create leads that convert. This is not achievable in case your website is not optimized for search engines. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform and provides you sufficient options such as various plugins to boost the search interface of your site. Ensure that your WordPress developer understands that and utilizes correct approaches for the on-page optimization of your site. Later on, you may hire a good SEO company for increased search engine ranking results.

Helpful Communication

No matter whether you hire WordPress developers locally or globally, it is not likely that they will be accessible 24/7. Therefore, it is essential to know the reply rate of the developers you are looking for.

Also, the means of communication is highly recommended. If you see early on in the job that there is insufficient clarity, then it is a sign that you will deal with difficulties down the line.

Right from the start, make it clear that communication is vital for you. Communication is being pointed out here as helpful communication will go far in developing your project effectively. A good developer is a person who can code well and also communicated easily to a non-technical person.

Backup and restore function

Backups are essential for disaster periods when you unintentionally lose any vital website data or delete your website or a database by accident or when your website hacked.

WordPress has a built-in mechanism for automated backups. Ensure your developer allows the same or apply one for your website. Ask him if there is some other method to ensure data safety, backup, and security.

After Service Support

Your requirement for a designer doesn’t end after once they make a website for you. It just begins there. You require frequent follow-ups on the maintenance of your website, security problems, and many more. Have a clear knowledge of this consideration even before you begin with your website design.
Nobody understands your website as good as the one who designed it. Thus, future upgrades and maintenance may as well require their assistance. Ensure that your designer or the agency provides their support after your website goes live.

In-house or Remote Team?

Lastly, the last in the guidelines is whether you need to hire an offshore agency or an in-house professional? Now, this may seem a difficult thing to consider. You need to {take into account|think about} a lot of factors, beginning with the first things first. The expense of development would significantly decrease when you choose a remote team.

Additionally, offshore companies have variable working hours. And thus your business never stops. Where the in-house team is restricted to provide minimal resources, the offshore development teams increase and go to great lengths to provide the best development services.

Bottom line

WordPress is the major platform for web development. There exists a large talent pool of designers that provide their web development skills. Nevertheless, you'll need to be careful to pick someone trustworthy and experienced to develop the website for you. With regards to hiring a WordPress developer for this job, ensure you choose someone skilled, reliable, and finishes the work timely. Consider this if you’re truly searching for a person to manage your WordPress jobs.

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