March 4 , 2022

10+ Secrets Of How to Make An Online Food Delivery Website

how to make an online food delivery website

The statistics show how the food delivery market is growing at an incredible rate, and online delivery services are ahead of offline ones. A growing number of people prefer using the Internet to order food without distraction from other activities and the most significant time savings. It's enticing companies to create food delivery websites.

Let's examine the following facts:

  • Online food ordering and delivery grew 300% more quickly than dine-in customers in 2014.
  • It is expected that a restaurant that doesn't provide an online food ordering service will be losing 70% of its customers by 2020.
  • According to Statista, the revenue of the internet food delivery segment amounts to the sum of US$107,438 in 2019. (Source)

Customers prefer the traditional method of food delivery. In the conventional model, we refer to the procedure where a client orders food from local eateries and then waits for delivery to their door. This model accounts for 90% of the online food sales, and 35% of orders are via telephone.

When we look at the numbers, We can conclude that the food delivery industry is developing quickly and is becoming more competitive.

Some great examples of food ordering websites

If you're looking for how to make an online food delivery website, We allow you to learn from the examples from online food ordering websites from the leading companies in the industry.

Food Panda. Customers can purchase their favourite food items from restaurants and shops nearby through its website. The website is accessible for 12 counties, which customers can select from.

UberEats. Another international food delivery service allows customers to type their address in the search bar to find food. They also offer featured food items as well as other delivery options. Immediately lets users check out who is delivering food beverages, food items, and home necessities. They can also pick from a fantastic selection of cities, cuisines, and cities in their neighbourhood.

DoorDash. Customers can place orders for delivery and takeout from their favourite local restaurants through their site. Inputting the delivery address or search top cities or popular restaurants nearby.

10+ Secrets Of How to Make An Online Food Delivery Website

Continue reading if you're looking for how to make an online food delivery website like DoorDash,, FoodPanda, UberEats, and many other examples. Here are 10+ secrets of how to make an online food delivery website that needs to be outfitted to draw customers in and increase your orders.

Appealing visuals

Quality and attractive food images should be important in the entire online food delivery website design. If you plan to build a restaurant website that includes food delivery, you should include photos showing food preparation.

Menu or catalogue

Each item you are ordering requires detailed descriptions as well as in addition, attractive images. If the quantity of items is large, the online food delivery website will benefit significantly from filtering and sorting things by food categories, food items, cuisines, ingredients, etc.

Multi-country and multi-language

If you're looking to enter the international market, you can present your products to customers in multiple languages. Many international players instantly ask users to choose their city or country and choose their food.

Clear calls-to-action

Its order button needs to be located in a prominent spot, have a clear message that informs the customer what to do, and have enough colour to contrast with the background. Buttons for mobile design must be large enough for users to click using fingers.

Convenient shopping cart

Even the tiniest food delivery websites are equipped with a shopping cart to keep their orders and continue browsing. An online shopping cart needs to browse, edit, and remove the items. It's much more enjoyable by offering features such as real-time price updates and slideout and flyout etc.

User-friendly order forms

Be sure that the steps included in your order form are minimum, and there isn't a need for more details. Each field on the state should be clearly labelled, and errors should be displayed close to each area, and that is a crucial accessibility condition.

Secure online payment

Payment via online, on delivery, or another option offer your customers the choice. Integrating the food delivery website with reliable payment service providers is crucial.

Voice search optimization

Voice searches account for half of all searches. Additionally, particular niches such as the local food delivery are often asked for via voice (including the phrase "near to me"). Make sure you make your site optimized to use voice search, which includes displaying text snippets, optimizing local searches, changing to HTTPS, and much more.

"Leave-at-my-door" delivery

This kind of delivery is always in high demand, particularly with those who aren't physically present at any particular time at home. The spread of the pandemic has boosted the popularity of this delivery. You might want to add an option to your order form.

Covid awareness

Many customers care about food making and distribution security following the Corona crisis. Be sure to state on the website's main page that you are concerned about it by, for instance, by posting a photo of your staff wearing masks or displaying that couriers will be wearing them.

Mobile optimization

Be sure that it's simple for those who use tablets and smartphones to see your offer and then make an offer. Responsive web design is so much the most efficient method of mobile optimization.

Web accessibility

Be available to customers who require online food delivery services, including those who use assistive technology. By the most effective accessibility standards, include keyboard navigation to your website, include ALT tags on images, provide explicit semantic markup, take charge of correct errors, and so on.

Selecting the best website platform for an online food delivery website

Nowadays, content management systems (CMSs) are ideal for a corporate website.

CMSs like Drupal and WordPress have flexibility in features, customization options, security, scalability, and reliability compared to essential website builders.

In the same way, using CMSs as a base for a website that includes all the customizations required is much less expensive than custom development from scratch using the programming language.

Make an online food delivery website with web development experts

The above info has given an overview of the steps to how to make an online food delivery website that will drive significant visitors and generate sales. Are you ready to design a food website similar to, Doordash, FoodPanda, UberEats, and more?

It's not only the food delivery which should be quick and easy. The web development team at our agency also completes web projects swiftly and efficiently with reasonable prices. Contact us today for a no-cost estimate!

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