August 5 , 2021

Key Reasons To Choose CodeIgniter Framework For Your Next Web Development Project

CodeIgniter Development

What Is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a relatively new content management system (CMS) which is a powerful open-source solution for web application development and hosting.

It is used by many big companies as their preferred CMS because of its simple and intuitive interface and high scalability with zero configuration.

Users can easily build powerful websites for small businesses or big enterprises with the help of this framework.

It is a very convenient way to build dynamic web pages, with simple drag and drop features. It is the ideal platform to start building a website from scratch in PHP.

The Reasons for choosing CodeIgniter

Built-in support for PHP 5.5, with several PHP modules that allow you to build highly efficient and beautiful web applications.

Extensive support for all kinds of databases, including MySQL and Oracle.

Fantastic cross-platform compatibility with all popular hosting providers like Linode, HostGator, Exim, etc.

Detailed page and template designing capability - Powerful editing capability with keyboard shortcuts for any feature

High performance with no database server requirements.

Why was CodeIgniter the first CRM software development tool to appear on the market?

What made it stand out from other solutions available in the market?

These are some of the commonly asked questions.

First of all, what are the reasons for using a CodeIgniter CMS? The key reason for using this software is that you can develop truly interactive web applications for your business in PHP and test them at the same time.

This means you don't have to wait to find out if your application works or not.

Easy to Use Interface

One of the reasons why CodeIgniter was chosen as the first CRM software development system for the web is because of its easy to use interface.

Once the web application development process is complete, you will just be a few clicks away from creating an online storefront.

The web-based PHP framework supports both the Magento and WordPress e-commerce frameworks, and it can be integrated with any web development company regardless of the programming languages they use.

For an enterprise environment, the ability to manage customer information, sales tracking, and inventory is very important.

Integration major open-source Frameworks:

Another reason for using CodeIgniter is its integration with the other major open-source enterprise solutions such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

Users can use the same online marketing platform through any of these PHP frameworks. This is a huge benefit for companies that don't want to spend their money developing their own websites.

The cost of hosting a website through an enterprise software solution is quite high. This means companies who decide to use the CodeIgniter framework will be able to cut the development costs since there is a wide range of hosting options available in the market.

Secure Frameworks:

With CodeIgniter, developers and designers will also have a number of benefits.

Since it's an open-source framework, the software development company can provide bug fixes and security updates free of charge and even support the PHP application development community.

Aside from this, the open-source framework also allows the programmers and designers to add their own features to the software development tools.

Benefits of using CodeIgniter for Web Development

When you are thinking about web development services, then CodeIgniter is one of the things that you may consider.

This is a platform that is based on PHP and has several benefits that developers can enjoy working with.

The most popular reasons why developers opt for using this framework are because they offer a number of features and enhancements, and they also provide for easy configuration and use.

One of the features that you will get with this particular web development solution is known as CodeIgniter Visual Studio Emulator. If you want to find out more about the benefits of using this with your PHP projects, then read on.

Complete Development Solution

Another major benefit when it comes to using CodeIgniter development company is that it provides a complete development solution.

Developers will not have to worry about learning a new version of the language when it comes to the CodeIgniter platform itself.

This means that they can easily create the websites that they need and then develop them according to their requirements.

They will also be able to use the plug-ins that they need in order to enhance the functions of the applications that they are developing. This means that they do not have to worry about bugs and compatibility issues.

Excellent Security Features

Another benefit of using the CodeIgniter web development company is that it provides the users with excellent security features.

These security features include the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the commercial-grade authentication offered by the Digest Authentication module.

Users can connect to the servers hosted by the web development company from any part of the world. SSL is a type of encryption that enables the data that is stored on the servers to be protected from unauthorized access.

When the information has been protected, the web developers prefer to use this system instead of other platforms such as Java and ASP.

Customize Functionality

Another benefit of using the CodeIgniter web development services is that this system provides the application developers with a wide array of add-ons that they can use to customize the functionality of their websites.

These add-ons will help the developers to create websites that will meet their business needs and requirements better. One of the best things about this system is that it has built-in security and privacy protection.

It ensures that no one will be able to read or view the sensitive information stored on the website. This feature also prevents hackers from obtaining access to the customer database.

Quick Development

The CodeIgniter web development project also provides several tools that will help the developers in the process of creating the websites.

The developers can use the inbuilt templates for the websites and it allows them to easily create the website. The developers are also provided with an editor for managing the HTML coding and the XHTML codes.

The support for the MYSQL and the Oracle databases is provided by the CodeIgniter framework and this makes the whole coding procedure faster.

The support for the PHP framework is also a plus point for this web framework.

Wide Range of Development Tools

Another benefit of the CodeIgniter is that it uses a simple graphical interface that does not require the users to know any special skills in order to use the tools.

This makes it easier for a non-technical person to use the tools in developing a website. The support for all the operating systems and browsers is another advantage which is provided by the CodeIgniter and this allows the developer to develop websites that will be compatible with the different systems.

The quick development process that is provided by the developers using this platform is another great advantage of this web framework and this helps in making the website developed by the web developers very quickly.

Wide Range of Plugins

It offers a wide range of plugins that can be used with it such as the WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce and the Joomla plugin for content management.

There are also other plugins that can enhance the functions of this application further. With the use of these, you will be able to have full control over the transactions that take place on your website.

Another advantage of using this system is that there is integration with most of the popular CMS such as WordPress and Blogger.


Codeigniter has become the best PHP framework providing an open-source development platform. It helps PHP developers by offering the easiest method to utilize modular techniques and obtain any explicit function.

It is simple to develop large-scaled dynamic and secured web applications because of their friendly URLs. It has an excellent debugging trait that identifies bugs instantaneously and displays warnings and errors.

Moreover, it can fix these bugs within the development level itself. The stated outstanding reasons to choose the Codeigniter web app framework validate that it must be probably the most popular framework. It certainly is the best platform that facilities app development from the start.

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