April 18 , 2022

General Overview on Shopify Pros and Cons (2022)

Shopify Pros and Cons

Shopify's eCommerce platform is now extremely popular. Thanks to the launch of Shopify Payments, Shopify has made it simple for anyone to sell their products online with no prior expertise or programming knowledge. Shopify provides retailers with an all-in-one solution, including points of sale on the move, Shopify Payments, Shopify POS, Shopify Website builder, and data analytics.

It is user-friendly both as a website builder and an e-commerce platform. The templates are perfect in every way, and they let you manage your customers through Shopify customer relationship management (CRM). Another of the most important concerns for online retailers is the security of their online stores. Furthermore, Shopify offers tools to increase sales through abandoned cart recovery promotions, discount codes, promotions, and numerous other services like Shopify POS.

There are many advantages of choosing an eCommerce managed platform, and Shopify is among the most effective options available. Even though there are some drawbacks, however, most online retailers will discover that the disadvantages will not affect their business.

This article will examine Shopify's Pros and Cons and evaluate it against other Shopify alternatives and e-commerce platforms.

Shopify Pros

As you may have guessed, Shopify is a great way to create eCommerce stores. They offer websites and store builders that will help you with every step. Shopify has a large community of users on the platform, and they're surely in it for a reason.


One of the biggest positives about this platform is the ease with which the interface is. It would help if you concentrated on your business's operations; you don't have the time to spend your time tackling the technical aspects of your store.

It's an ideal platform for those who aren't as technologically adept as other users. Drag-and-drop tools are available to create and personalize your shopfront. After you've used Shopify for a short time, you'll notice that its primary goal is to provide an easy-to-use platform.

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Available Support

The Shopify team has a dedicated team of support who work at Shopify. They offer users 24/7 support and are capable of answering the majority of your queries via live chat or email. If you don't like typing, then call their hotline and call their 24-hour hotline and get four different numbers that can be used to serve other regions.

There's no reason to be concerned if your location isn't on the map. There's a large community of users who help each other. You can ask questions to one of their forums for help and get a response from someone else using the platform. It's not a straightforward option for other sites that offer online stores.

Lots of Themes

Another crucial aspect of your store's online presence is the visually appealing appearance. The neater your store appears and the more positive results you'll be able to see on the bottom of your earnings. That is another aspect where Shopify excels. They provide a broad selection of stylish and attractive packages, referred to as "themes." There are themes for free to get going and others that require a payment.

The market is so diverse in categories that help them categorize all the possibilities in the market. There's a category for furniture, food, art, and jewellery, to mention some. You can browse the categories or look for yourself.

App Store

The Shopify brand's most recognizable feature is its own App Store. It has access to more than 1,200 plugins and applications, and you will inevitably discover everything you're looking for with this wide range.

Some applications will help you automate and streamline your company's operations, which gives you more time to concentrate on the most important things. If you're not knowledgeable about the accounting process, inventory management, and shipping, then there exist applications that can take care of these tasks for you.

Be aware that this isn't just an unrelated domain name; It's
a purchase from somebody. This platform is designed for customers exactly like you. If you're having issues with your online store, an app can resolve the issue.

The primary reason that the people at Shopify can provide all these services is that they collaborate with accounting software firms and other toolmakers. They incorporate various businesses to create a Shopify App Store, which you can use to enhance your eCommerce website. You can also get marketing tools directly applied to the online shop.

If you're thinking of buying an app, you should know that their App Store is simple to use and straightforward.

Ease of Marketing

The more people visit your store, the greater your chances of success. A great way to drive more customers to your website is to use Search engines Optimization. Shopify provides a plethora of SEO-related features on its platform and other tools for marketing.

Shopify lets you create discounts, share your items to various websites, and generate keywords that will give you the most effective results.

Additionally, Shopify offers add-ons that let you go deep into the information on your site.


Although the platform is so simple to set up and begin using, however, there are other actions you can take. If you're not completely happy with the theme you purchased or want your store to look slightly different, you can make it work. Their customizable website builder is an enormous aid.

Each theme comes with the standard configuration, and most pieces let you edit the layout and add or move around content as you'd like. That means that users can choose as much as they'd like, and you'll still be able to create your ideal store.

Ability for Growth

Another point worth noting is how welcoming it is that the Shopify platform is to companies looking to expand and expand. Shopify isn't just ideal for the beginning of a business. And it's also useful for large-scale companies. It offers tools and applications that will prove beneficial at any stage of your company's growth. Shopify provides a great eCommerce platform to sell your goods through every step of your company's expansion.

Fully Hosted Platform

Shopify is a completely hosted platform. What is that? It means that you don't need to pay additional server-related maintenance fees or hosting costs. That also gives you flexibility as Shopify does not rely on hosting providers to set their prices and rules.

Miscellaneous Perks

Another benefit of Shopify is the capability to provide gifts to customers who shop with your site! Thay is an uncommon feature in eCommerce, and it's unusual to have such a feature offered by Shopify. It's available through the "Shopify" and "Advanced Shopify" account levels.

Staff accounts are another benefit provided by Shopify. You can assign your employees different access levels to ensure that your confidential data remains behind locked doors. You could have between two and fifteen accounts, based on the account level you are in.

If you're planning to take Shopify into the streets, do not worry! Shopify has the Point of Sale functionality, so you can utilize it to run a physical store or pop-up shops.

Shopify Cons

However, there aren't all butterflies and rainbows with Shopify. There are some downsides to Shopify's platform. Each of these eCommerce platforms is perfect, but you decide to determine the severity level and weigh their advantages and disadvantages. The majority of the complaints about Shopify are centred around its lack of a completely free platform.


Let's get this off the table. Shopify isn't a cost-free platform to make use of. There is a monthly membership fee, and you must pay for certain themes. There are feeds for specific apps available in the App Store. In addition, there's a transaction cost for selling online, except if you're using Shopify Payments on your store. The only free plan is their trial.

Customization Limitations

However, while the platform can be customized, it does have some limitations. Additional features cannot be accessed due to how the code is set up. Specific competitors to Shopify provide more flexibility, but at the cost of long hours spent code for their platform.


Shopify is among the top best eCommerce platforms in 2022 to sell your product, and it's not difficult to understand the reason. With this Shopify Review, we look at various Shopify pros and cons.

The eCommerce platform is straightforward and provides 24/7 customer support in case you get stuck. Many themes are free and paid to get your store going, and there's also a plethora of extensions available through Shopify's App Store.

Shopify has marketing tools to boost your business to an even higher level. It's also very adaptable, and the platform expands with you and is suitable for all sizes of stores.

It's also a hosted platform that makes life simpler for users. The biggest drawback of Shopify is that it's not a completely free platform, and there are costs associated with it and charges. However, this is the main reason why Shopify's platform is very user-friendly and user-friendly.

In the final analysis, it's up to you to evaluate both pros and cons of Shopify and decide whether this platform is the right choice for you. Do you want to join the over one million users and discover all the fuss?

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