December 16 , 2021

Top 4 Best eCommerce Platforms in 2022

eCommerce website platform

A lot of businesses consider the choice of the right platform as their base for business. It's true! The process of creating an eCommerce website isn't tricky, but if you begin with the poor eCommerce technology, then it's likely to end up causing harm to your business shortly.

In this post, we'll review certain aspects of an ideal platform and highlight the most effective eCommerce website platforms.

What is an eCommerce Website Platform?

An eCommerce platform can save your business if you decide to create an online store by yourself or in addition to an existing brick-and-mortar business. This article will discuss why your company might need this kind of service, outline the critical aspects of an effective eCommerce service, then provide five of the most popular software solutions after reading over.

Key Features of an eCommerce Website Platform

Any viable eCommerce program allows customers to purchase your services and products from the online shop. The only difference between the various solutions is how they integrate and utilize both front and back-office programs with their individual and shared information.

eCommerce platforms facilitate the integration of business processes that are essential to the company, that allows companies to have complete insight into their operations and, in the end, meet the most demanding customers' requirements. A platform for e-commerce must:

Use one unified platform to eliminate the need for integration between various systems that have natively integrated accounting, POS, and e-commerce inventory and marketing management merchandise, customer service and financials using cloud-based platforms.

Give customers a 360-degree view. Provide consistent and customized cross-channel experiences, targeted advertising and exceptional customer service—one overview of all customer interactions and transactions across all channels and touchpoints.

It is smartly managing orders. Meet and establish new expectations for customers regarding buying returns, fulfilling and fulfilling purchases on both the web and in-store. Maximize profits by centralizing order management and having one view of inventory for all business divisions.

Provide innovative customer experiences. Create fast and unique personal and engaging mobile, online and in-store experiences that distinguish your brand and meet customers' expectations.

Unlimited expansion support Rapidly creates websites that support different business models and channels, brands, currencies, countries, and languages within one platform.

What are the reasons eCommerce website platforms are so crucial for brands?

Imagine a home without an adequate foundation. It isn't perfect as an online store without a reliable platform.

A good eCommerce website platform does more than provide support and allows the expansion of an eCommerce store.

Simply put, eCommerce website platforms are crucial for the performance of any online retail business.

In the early 20th century, the majority of people were in brick and mortar establishments for exchanges.

Today, many years later, thanks to connected technology and the Internet revolution, platforms have been built to facilitate the exchange of value between distributed networks of people.

In turn, the technology has gained exponential growth and the capability to facilitate exchanges of value has reached an all-time high.

It doesn't matter whether it's hosted on-premises or cloud-based; eCommerce platforms provide the ability to scale up and protect your data. They offer an array of benefits for operations and business tools, such as:

  • A product management software
  • Merchandising
  • Search capabilities
  • Pricing
  • Promotions
  • Customize your sales and services according to suit your preferences

Utilizing an eCommerce website platform, you can alter the product's information to suit your needs as an online business. This is beneficial to both the store's owners as well as customers.

4 best eCommerce platforms


Shopify is among the most well-known eCommerce website platforms around the globe. It's a web-based application that lets you build your online shop quickly and efficiently using a variety of templates. It is possible to modify the templates to meet the needs of your online retailer or create your look for your store.

The company stated: "You don't need to have any technical or design experience to create a beautiful online store easily."

Shopify has a broad assortment of credit cards which means you don't need to worry about a problem of conflicting payments for your store. You can also make sure that the data of your customers and your store are secure as Shopify is the level 1 PCI compliance as well as 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure security.

With a full CMS, Shopify gives you the ability to control the design and functionality of your website store. Another great advantage of Shopify is the ability for customers to manage their stores through Shopify mobile applications. It is fully adaptable, allowing users to effortlessly monitor, manage, and update their store from anywhere regardless of their location, whether desktop or mobile devices.

It's an easy and efficient method for professionals who work while on the go. This is one reason why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform.


BigCommerce is known as the top cloud eCommerce website platform. BigCommerce is also well-known for its low total cost of ownership, as well as highly adaptable APIs.

BigCommerce offers you an extensive set of eCommerce tools that offer a range of options and features. It allows your store to connect out of the box to many of the solutions needed within the eCommerce ecosystem.

Companies that serve both B2B and B2C customers can benefit from this platform since it is easier to create catalogues or price lists for various customer groups.

Due to the complexity of built-in features, the initial learning curve of BigCommerce is higher than some other software-as-a-service platforms. It is feasible for a brand that is new to understand the platform and utilize it quickly due to the thoughtful and detailed guides and the help desk of BigCommerce. It is possible to read this extensive BigCommerce review to grasp the entire image of what this site builder can offer and how it could enhance your online store.


WooCommerce is a no-cost WordPress plugin that allows businesses to convert their WordPress websites into online stores without any cost. They additionally offer paid features and integrate options to enhance the functions of the shopping cart. It is worth reviewing WooCommerce in-depth here.

The open-source platform WooCommerce is an excellent option for small businesses with WordPress development resources since it's easy to modify. Thanks to its secure payments processor, WooCommerce guarantees PCI compliance and ensures secure communications between your clients with your website.

But, WooCommerce could slow due to its inability to handle the excessive weight of themes or plugins that you've added into your shop. If you're looking to grow your business' success, it's best to go with a different platform.

If you are using this eCommerce website platform, be aware of everything you install, as it could affect your store's performance. Select the right hosting platform that will determine the quantity of traffic your store can handle.


Wix is among the easiest-to-use eCommerce website platforms, offering simple options to create a fully-fledged website that runs servers-less computing and is easy-to-code. It's the perfect fit for new stores with affordable prices with 72 free themes, and a straightforward set-up.

The platform allows you the ability to design your website according to your preferences. You can choose an existing template and modify it to reflect how you wish to display it on your site. As your store expands, it is possible to introduce new features that will improve your store's performance.

Wix provides a mobile-friendly edition of the store that benefits your customers and you. It is possible to switch to Mobile Editor to customize your mobile-friendly interface.

Suppose you're looking to boost your SEO's performance and increase your SEO ranking. In that case, you can get a custom SEO strategy by answering a few questions about your site, including your address, location, and your keywords.

Utilizing Wix, it is easy to get leads, create relationships with customers, and take payments from your website. But, due to its simplicity and the absence of necessary tools for selling, this platform isn't suitable for large or fast-growing online businesses.


Different eCommerce website platforms provide different options and features. Whatever you choose to use for your site, be sure to consider every aspect carefully.

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