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Responsive Web Design:

We within the last few years to turn into a gadget agnostic way of providing content to users. From the cell phone browser on an iPhone right up to an HDTV, responsive websites are capable of adjusting their look based on display screen dimensions. We are able to no more design for a desktop screen with all the variety of devices and various screen sizes that are offered today, as well as those that will come the next day.

Together with mobile search exceeding desktop in May of 2015, as well as mobile-friendliness as an official Google ranking element in April, developing a mobile-friendly website is no more optional: it's essential. It all begins with responsive web design.


Is your current sales funnel diminishing as a result of an old & exhausted web design? As very first impression of each and every website counts & turns, so it is time for you to build your visitor notice a fresh, re-designed & intuitive website to have a powerful imprint. We are here to revamp sites highly relevant to the marketplace & improve targets.

  • Boost sales with a redesign
  • Acquire immediate credibility
  • Set an obvious content technique and spread powerful marketing thoughts
  • Revamping your website web pages by using a very clear call-to-action message
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Small Business web design:

Ask for A Quote from IBS We're a small web design company providing services to varied clients around the world. If you're able to see it, we are able to create it. Our team of designers work together with each other effortlessly to bring your idea to life. Your website targets are essential to us, and we make an effort to create the perfect design for your requirements. We are skilled in small business web design. Choosing the best solutions for each and every project is our goal.

Do you currently have an existing WordPress site that requires a refresh? We are able to help! Or are you beginning from scratch as well as don't know where to start? Regardless of whether you feel tech savvy or even feel like a newbie, we are able to help you at the level and at your current pace. Our goal is always to provide you with a great website that you can handle easily that can help your organization grow.

Mobile website design:

We'll be covering various strategies to mobile website design, mobile site recommendations, and what you can apply to simply design your site mobile-optimized! Prepare to touch, tap, as well as swipe your way to the realm of mobile web design!

In case you aren't really sure about whether or not it's worth your time and effort to find out about mobile site design, these types of mobile website data will influence you!

  • Worldwide mobile visitors now account for 15% of all Web traffic
  • No one display size has a lot more than 20% of the market share
  • 61% of individuals have a much better opinion of brands once they provide a good mobile expertise
  • 60% of mobile consumers utilize their smartphone whilst in a store, and the other 50% during their way to a retail store
  • Tablet users devote 50% a lot more than PC users
  • Mobile-based queries make up a quarter of all queries
  • Each and every 100ms rise in load time reduces sales by 1%
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Logo Design:

Thank you for visiting IBS! We're a web-based graphic design firm that is experts in logo design, web design, and business branding. Our whole mission is always to build your business look wonderful. That means providing you with custom web design that's inexpensive, fast, as well as hassle-free.

We are skilled in logo design as well as website design.

Psd to XHTML:

PSD is really a format utilized broadly through Adobe Photoshop software program, a graphic editing software published as well as created by Adobe Systems. It is really an amazing file document that still consists of various layers that makes it simple to modify. XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) is an area of the fully extended family of XML markup languages. Essentially XHTML is HTML developed in XML.

The procedure for transforming PSD file to XHTML is referred to as XHTML slicing, an essential part of web designing. This slicing is rather often utilized by web developers as well as web designers since it is simple to use and also fast at work. The XHTML slicer turns the design or web template in PSD format, right into a valid XHTML as well as CSS while keeping web criteria.

IBS's team of skilled designers as well as programmers craft and also deal with XHTML projects to match all of your spending budget and specialized requirements. ADVANTAGES IN CONVERSION THROUGH PSD TO XHTML

  • Hand coded XHTML Rigid markup
  • Light-weight table much less CSS layout
  • Semantic Markup utilized for SEO
  • Simple to integrate with any kind of CMS
  • Clear W3C Valid XHTML / CSS
  • IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera well suited
  • Suitable for MacOSX Safari
  • Stated and also shorthand CSS
  • Enhanced images intended for fast-loading
  • Resizable Fonts List Data Entry
  • Like the original design and style
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