July 13 , 2021

Website Maintenance Checklist: Important Tasks To Perform

Website Maintenance Checklist

When someone comes to their senses and decides that they need a website for their business or for personal use, they often have no idea what to look for in a good host.

The truth is, most hosting companies are only concerned with how much they can charge you for hosting your website, and what upgrades they will be able to add at a later date.

While you may occasionally give your website water, food, and sun to keep it alive, there are many other things that you can do on a daily basis to help keep your website in tip-top shape.

If you haven't taken care of your website in some time, now might be the time to start.

How to Create Website Maintenance Checklist

First off, create a comprehensive checklist of everything that you need to do.

These items should include things like renewing your SSL certificate, making sure that your domain name is registered, and making sure that your web host has updated your list with your current business information.

You should also make sure that your online storefront is operating properly. Many potential customers won't even visit your website if they can't access it.

Make sure that your storefront displays all of the latest products and services that your company has to offer.

Check Website Links

Another part of a quality website maintenance checklist is to make sure that your website is not suffering from broken links.

Broken links can potentially decrease your search engine ranking, which can affect your bottom line.

You should check your links once a month or at least once per year. There are many tools available to you for checking your links.

You may want to purchase a link checker, or you may decide to simply fix any broken links on your own. Either way, don't neglect this important task.

Updated Content

The final thing on a website maintenance checklist is to make sure that your content is updated regularly.

No matter how many tools you have available if your content isn't updated regularly, it won't do you any good.

This is especially true if you specialize in a specialized area. A specialized niche is one that requires frequent content updates in order to remain fresh and current.

Check SEO Problems

One last part of a quality website maintenance checklist is to check for known or potential SEO problems.

If you are an internet marketer, then you know how important it is to be found by the major search engines.

There are many different ways that people use to achieve this goal, but most of them rely on either free software or complicated plugins that are hard to uninstall or keep track of.

The best way to keep your SEO issues at bay is to keep your software and plugins up to date and to regularly update your plugins.

A quality web maintenance checklist will include keeping your plugins updated, as well as making sure that your web browsers are all set up with the latest versions.

Test Website Speed

An important item on your checklist should be page speed. Search engines are always crawling websites to make sure that they are fully functioning and error-free.

If your page speed is slow, search engine spiders will eventually ignore your page entirely, which will affect your ranking.

Make sure that you test your page speed regularly, and that you optimize your code so that it can function faster.

Your optimization efforts will pay off when the search engine results begin to show better page results.

Regular Blog Post

Another important aspect of keeping a good page speed is to stay on top of your blog posts and submissions.

One of the reasons that blog posts and submissions often run slowly is because users don't have enough time to read through them.

This can easily be fixed by adding a comment box below each blog post.

Another solution that you might want to try is adding a link at the bottom of each page that has a blog post, or a section of a site that displays a blog post or similar type of media.

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Analyze Website Performance

Google Analytics is another important tool for ensuring your eCommerce website maintenance.

Google Analytics will monitor how many times a user clicks on your links, where they are on the search engine, what pages they click on most, and which keywords they are using to search for your specific products.

You can learn a lot about your users by monitoring these key performance indicators. Google offers many more analytics services, including webmaster tools and site maps.

To learn more, visit google's website, check out their blog and read through their frequently asked questions.


These important monthly maintenance tasks will help maintain your website up-to-date and help identify troubles as they arise. But, our checklist doesn’t end here!

We also want to make sure we are increasing every possibility to drive appropriate traffic to our website and that we are switching that traffic into leads and sales.

For additional info on what you can perform to drive more traffic to your website, a lot more on our blog or make contact with us.

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