March 11 , 2022

A Quick Overview On How Much Is Website Maintenance Cost

How much is the website maintenance cost

Website maintenance costs can be an aspect that many website owners do not consider. Although it's well-known that creating a website requires cash (though you can build it completely free), not all are aware that they also have expenses to keep them running.

Like a bicycle or washing machine or any other investment that lasts for a long time, it is essential to make an effort and occasionally incur costs to keep your websites running smoothly. If they are not maintained, as with their counterparts in real life, they'll get worse over time.

To help you avoid this, we'll give you an overview of website maintenance costs in this blog. We will explain why frequent website maintenance is crucial, estimate costs for various kinds of websites, details of the multiple factors that influence the price in the maintenance process, and a sample analysis of an example of a small business website.

How Much is Website Maintenance Cost: A Quick Overview

Website maintenance costs vary depending on the nature and size of your website; however, even the smallest websites will cost about $100/year. Smaller websites could cost almost $400- $500/year, while bigger eCommerce and business websites could easily reach that $1,000+ annual range.

What Does Website Maintenance Include: 9 Essential Costs

Website maintenance costs comprise domain name renewal, web hosting plan prices, and secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate costs because they are essential for keeping your website up and running. In addition, based on the website type, there may also be maintenance costs to use email service, premium tech support, and eCommerce options.

Other costs for website design, plugins, and search engine optimization (SEO) are essential to enhance the efficiency of your website and generate more significant visitors. How much you'll spend on each of these categories will depend on the needs of your website.

1. Domain Name Renewal ($10-$20/year)

Every website that has professional use requires a domain. Although you could also run an unpaid webpage using a subdomain, it's not suitable for any other purpose than websites for fun. Websites.

How much is website maintenance cost on renewing your domain name per year will depend on the domain registrar and the domain ending you select? If you're not planning to purchase something special, it recommends paying within the mentioned amount.

2. Website Hosting ($2- $15/month)

Hosting costs depend on the hosting service and hosting. The most commonly used hosting types are shared VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting. Cheap web hosting services can meet the requirements of the majority of smaller to mid-sized websites.

3. Content ($0-$3,000+/month)

Content is essential for marketing to showcase your knowledge and attract more visitors through search engines. It's also necessary for website maintenance and could cost an enticing amount.

If you compose your content by yourself, your only cost is time. In most instances, there will come a time when you'll want to outsource at least a portion of your content's creation, generally to a freelancer.

The rates for writers who are good begin at $0.15/word. With 4 2,000+ words posts per month it's $1,200. The sky is the limit since top freelancers have the highest rates, and the amount of fresh content posted per month is contingent on your strategy and site, which is why the cost of $3,000 plus isn't uncommon.

4. SSL Certificates ($0-$50+/month)

SSL certificates secure information that passes through your website and helps keep the tip of your visitors secure. Whatever type of website you run, security is one of the most valuable expenses you'll face. If your visitors don't perceive your website as reliable, this can affect their level of engagement.

75% of the respondents in one poll said that they'd abandon an online purchase if they felt the website wasn't secured. Even if your site isn't an eCommerce site, Google favours sites with SSL, and this additional security layer is an essential website maintenance cost.

5. Design Updates ($0-$1,600/month)

When we talk about updating your design, We don't mean an overhaul complete or overhaul of the website design. Instead, we're talking about ongoing design work, such as taking pictures for featured posts, blog posts, infographics, sales banners, header or product images, as well as other such.

Of course, you could create your designs. Conclusion: there are many web design tools and other software available to help make the process easier, and some of them are entirely free.

But, if you aren't sure about your sense of the design (no shame in this), the best option is to hire a professional website design agency. In this case, you will pay $65/hour for a professional designer.

6. Search Engine Optimization ( $0- $800/month)


SEO is a broad term covering all your actions to improve your site's ranking in Google results. Anything that makes your site easier for crawlers of search engines to find is a contributing factor to a good SEO. The most appealing aspect is that you can make significant changes to SEO on your own without spending a long time.

Outsourcing SEO

If you'd instead employ an expert in managing your website's SEO, You can hire the services of an SEO agency to analyze your website and develop a custom strategy. We recommend this option for more prominent websites because SEO agencies can provide numerous beneficial technical changes, and however, they typically come with the cost of a premium.

7. Tech Support ( $0- $12/month)

Contacting the customer service team makes a significant difference when you encounter issues. If you're a novice or a seasoned user, technical support can help resolve any problems with your site in the shortest time possible.

Website Maintenance Costs Are a Tricky Topic

Indeed, the cost of maintaining a website isn't always on the top of the website's owner's thoughts. They focus on the amount it costs to create it most of the time. But, you must be aware of what you can anticipate planning for it.

At this point, you ought to be able to figure out what maintenance costs for your website adequately. This way, you'll be able to plan for it and not encounter any unpleasant surprises. Before making a plan for website maintenance, please read our blog on the website maintenance checklist to understand what essential tasks you need to perform.

Website Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to complete my changes after submitting a maintenance request?

A: If you sign up for the maintenance agreement, we usually finish the maintenance within three business days, but generally, we will be able to finish it in 24 hours (on days off).

Q: Can I buy a maintenance contract even if PCA doesn't host my website?

A: We have several websites which we don't host. We invite you to call us for a free site assessment to determine the best way to manage your website. We can maintain the majority of WordPress and HTML sites without issue.

Q: What have typical covers under the website maintenance cost?

A: Maintenance contracts address the basics of changes, such as creating a newsletter, altering contact details, including employees, adding photos to a gallery, and most text updates.

Be aware that if we believe that your changes will take more time than average, we'll negotiate a flat rate for any services that incorporate other items, such as the redesign of your site.

Q: Is my site "down" while you work on it?

A: Your website won't be affected while we perform regular maintenance work.

Q: Are there any changes I can see before you make them live? The changes to ensure that I agree?

Typically, the modifications apply to the live website for WordPress websites. However, suppose you'd prefer to view the changes first. In that case, we can transfer a copy of your website to the development domain to make the modifications and then ask for your approval before launching the new development site on the live domain.

Q: Do you have the ability to automate regular updates?

A: Yes. For instance, if you've one RSVP with the exact date each month, i.e., on the second Tuesday of every month, we can prioritize the event and email you once it is complete.

Q: How do you subtract maintenance times from my contract?

A: If you sign up for a pre-paid, three-hour, or 6-hour maintenance contract, we take the precise time we've spent on your website - we don't round by 15 minutes as certain firms do. If you don't pre-purchase time, you charge an initial charge of 30 minutes, and then we will charge you for the exact amount of time beyond that.

Q: Is my maintenance contract expired?

A: The pre-purchased maintenance contracts expire after one year following purchase.

We provided web maintenance services to several clients' types of websites. Our experienced and dedicated professionals are available and ready to fill up any challenges to provide a highly scalable and strong website maintenance service according to your business requirements. Contact us regarding your website maintenance cost.

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