January 13 , 2022

Why you should use Laravel: Benefits and Features of Laravel

Why Choose Laravel framework

PHP is among the most popular and oldest web development languages, and Laravel is the most well-known framework. The article below explains why, and we will discuss the reason.

Selecting the best framework to build your application is among the most challenging aspects of the first phases of development. At the same time, the main criteria used by the development team to select the framework include the price for development and their knowledge with it, the popularity of the framework and others. Many additional factors such as third-party integrations deployment, testing, and many more require careful evaluation.

PHP is a PHP scripting language that offers a range of frameworks with strong technical capabilities, such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, Slim and many more. However, Laravel has retained the top spot in the complete list of PHP MVC frameworks.

Here's proof:

The image below shows the trends over the past five years when choosing PHP Frameworks from Google Trends.

What exactly is Laravel?

Laravel is an entirely free open-source PHP framework that offers various tools and resources for building contemporary PHP applications. With an entire ecosystem that leverages the built-in features and numerous compatible applications and extensions, Laravel is seeing its popularity rise rapidly over the last few years. Multiple developers embrace Laravel as the framework of choice to ensure speedier development.

Laravel has powerful database tools, including the ORM (Object Relational Mapper) known as Eloquent and built-in tools to create database migrations and seeders. By using the command-line utility, Artisan developers can bootstrap new controllers, models, and other application components that speed up the development of applications in general.

Unique Advantages of Laravel Framework

Perhaps you are thinking about why your next site should be designed using Laravel and the benefits of the Laravel framework over other frameworks? For you to get going, here are eight reasons we think you consider Laravel to build your next website:

Improved Performance

There are instances when unusual functions and features can affect web performance. However, Laravel supplies numerous tools that help developers enhance their web applications' performance. The tools such as Redis and Memcached must be integrated into the laravel framework when creating web applications, which makes things easier for developers to enhance the performance.

A robust community and open-source

Another benefit of choosing Laravel is that it's open-source. Furthermore, Laravel is a thriving community of development firms and developers who support the development of their applications more flexibly. So should your developer need to implement some complex functions and features, they can seek the expert advice of the community and create your application according to your needs.

Security is the most crucial factor

Security is the primary concern for businesses of all sizes. With Laravel advanced security features, they can be easily configured on many websites to increase security and safeguard websites from hackers and cybercriminals. To be a bit more complicated, Laravel uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm that does not save data in the database. Compared with the other PHP Frameworks, Laravel is also an excellent choice for users. User authentication features and restricted access options are effortless to implement, which helps keep you and your customer's information secure and safe.

Simple Unit Testing

One of the main reasons to look into the laravel framework to aid your web application development is that it allows a straightforward test of units. It is a form of testing that ensures that each module or component of a website application is checked to ensure that no part of the site remains unfinished. Unit testing is a way to ensure that you will not encounter any issues or bugs in web applications before it goes live. This is a guarantee that you will have an unbugged and reliable application for your end-users.

Better website performance

In contrast to other frameworks available, Laravel supports caching for your site right out of the box, which is ideal for increasing the speed of your website. Laravel makes different speed optimization strategies, such as memory use reduction and indexing databases, straightforward to implement to improve your website's efficiency. This is what makes Laravel an ideal option for businesses when the speed of your website and SEO-friendly are a part of your goals.

Simple to develop multilingual applications

For businesses or companies seeking to broaden their reach to nations with different languages, Laravel is an excellent option. It is easy to create an application and quickly developed for various languages using the web framework.

Quick Time To Market

Every business today is looking to speed up its digital transformation, and that's why it's essential to choose the proper framework to build your app. Choosing the laravel framework accelerates the process of developing web-based applications, and consequently, you can launch it quicker than using other frameworks.

Easy integrations from third parties

Every website should be connected to some third-party software. This could be an online payment platform like Stripe or Paypal, and it could also comprise an advertising tool that your company uses. No matter the connectivity, Laravel makes it easy for third-party applications to connect using its explicit APIs. Also, if your website requires a payment method and an automation tool for marketing, Laravel is a powerful advocate.

The cost of the Laravel Site

Compared to other frameworks in the market, Laravel is an open-source framework. This means that it is entirely absolutely free to use in any project that you would like to use at no cost at all—of course, hiring a competent laravel developer to create your website (especially when you are a novice and know little about programming). Costs for development are diminished because the time it takes to develop and maintain is lower than other frameworks, which allows the Laravel website to prove cost-effective over the long term.

Top 6 features of PHP Laravel Framework

Here are the top 6 features of the PHP Laravel Framework that make it well-known among both businesses and developers.


  1. Template Engine:

    Laravel framework is renowned for its built-in lightweight templates, allowing you to create stunning layouts with the dynamic seeding of content. Additionally, it has a wide range of widgets that incorporate CSS and JS code with a solid structure. Laravel templates are designed to produce simple and complex layouts with distinct sections.

  2. MVC Architecture Support:

    Laravel is compatible with its users with an MVC architecture pattern separating business logic and presentation layers. MVC is the pattern used by Laravel is a rich source of built-in features, which improves the speed of application and enhances security and the ability to scale.

  3. A lucid ORM (Object Relative Mapping):

    Laravel provides Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM) that includes a basic PHP Active Record application. This lets developers of web applications write queries for databases using PHP syntax instead of using SQL code. ORM is a framework that ORM is substantially quicker than others PHP frameworks.

  4. Security:

    Laravel framework provides extremely secure internet application security. It employs salted and hashed password mechanisms to ensure that the password is never saved in the simple text within the database. The framework also utilizes an algorithm called the "Bcrypt Hashing algorithm" to generate encryption of passwords. In addition, the PHP web development framework uses pre-written SQL statements that block SQL injections.

  5. Artisan:

    Laravel framework comes with an integrated command-line tool named Artisan that assists in automatizing the majority of routine programming jobs. The artisans can design databases, create a script, and control changes, which makes it extremely simple to manage a database system. It can also create essential MVC files via the command line and control those assets and configurations. Artisan also assists developers to create their commands and then using them in the way needed.

  6. Modularity and Libraries:

    Laravel has pre-installed Obj-Oriented and Modular libraries that aren't found in different PHP Laravel Frameworks. For instance, an Authentication library is easy to use and comes with features like monitoring active user accounts, Bcrypt hashing Password reset CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery), security, and encryption. Additionally, the framework is broken down into distinct modules that follow the latest PHP principles that allow for the flexibility and responsiveness of web-based application development.


Picking the best framework for your web-based application is essential during the beginning stages of project development. The above reasons are more important for using the Laravel web framework for every web-based development from small to enterprise. It also comes with various built-in features that allow developers to work with ease. Contact Monocubed if you need Laravel experts to assist you in the following app creation project.

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